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Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster (2018): data, information, market launch, price

Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster (2018) at a glance
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The first hot days of the year are over and they are already rolling out of their development centers: the roadsters in sports dress. One of them is the new A MG GT S Roadster. With its 522 hp, it is intended to close the gap between the 476 hp base model and the current top model, the AMG GT C with 557 hp. Since the surcharge for its two brothers' coupé shape is exactly 11,900 euros, there is no need to study mathematics to predict the price of the sun worshiper, which will be available from July, at exactly 148,577 euros.

Full V8 sound at the push of a button

Up to 308 km /h

In addition to the 3.8-second sprint ability and the top speed of 308 kilometers per hour, the electrically controlled limited-slip differential in particular puts the driver in a good mood. With its help, not only is the traction of the drive wheels further improved, but cornering speeds in the limit area also increase. The retractable rear wing not only increases the sporty look, but above all the downforce on the rear axle. Standard on the top model, only available as an option on the AMG GT S Roadster: rear-axle steering.


Chrome as far as the eye can see

So that a ride in Now, the twelfth member of the AMG GT family (four two-door coupés, three roadsters, two customer sports racing cars and three four-door coupés), leather seats with Airscarf and the three-layer fabric top including acoustic mat, which is covered by a magnesium /Steel /aluminum construction spans, available. In the interior, the standard Silver Chrome package with chrome-colored decorative elements in the center console surround, ventilation nozzle rings and decorative bars in the door armrests differentiate it from the base. But even here, a small click in the right place is enough to give the interior a piano lacquer or carbon look.


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