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Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is coming in 2017

Stefan Baldauf
Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster (2017)
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Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster opens in 11 seconds

As with the M ercedes SLS Roadster, the AMG GT Roadster also has a soft top. Electrohydraulically fired, the convertible top opens or closes up to 50 km /h in 11 seconds. The three-layer construction is available in black, red and beige. An integrated aluminum cross member with roll bars serves as additional rollover protection. When closed, the convertible top follows the shape of the coupé as far as possible, only the end is a little steeper, so that the trunk lid is optically longer.

Stefan Baldauf
The transformation should take place at the push of a button in 11 seconds.

Airscarf and stiffer chassis

As the body's rigidity is lost due to the open construction, Mercedes has improved on various points. Side skirts with greater wall thicknesses and more chambers stiffen the structure. The dashboard support is supported by additional struts on the windshield frame, and a strut strut between the convertible top and tank stiffens the rear axle. A cross member behind the seats houses the fixed rollover protection system. Also new are the trunk lid with integrated retractable spoiler made of a new carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the active air control system in the lower area of ​​the new front apron and the Panamericana grille. The Airscarf, which the GT Roadster also carries, should not be missing in an open Mercedes. In addition, a Burmester sound system was adapted for the open two-seater.

Seat sample Mercedes-AMG GT C

Its giganticPanamericana grill with its distinctively self-confident vertical struts seems to want to devour everything and everyone - the new Mercedes-AMG GT C has inherited the grill from the GT R. Of course, the racer is open, and in eleven seconds has thrown his cloth cap back on the neck. It can do this at speeds of up to 50 km /h - and the roof mechanism is even more robust enough for a few km /h more.

When it comes to Airscarf, Mercedes is now safe and puts the warming neck blower in there , where it goes. This anti-cool seasonal technology premieres in the slim Mercedes performance seats in the GT C.

Even tall people have a lot of space in the car, you sit deep in the power roadster. The small Alcantara steering wheel is flattened at the bottom, flatters the hands and has compact, cool gearshift paddles on its back - if you don't want to grab them immediately and shoot them uninhibited, you may have been looking forward to autonomous driving for years.

Stefan Soon
The new performance variant is called GT C and brings 557 hp to the start.

The button row under the four ventilation nozzles bursting out of the center console has been supplemented with controls that are located in the roof of the Coupé. On the Roadster, the button for opening the roof is located in the area of ​​the interior mirror. And when open, the GT C is already a stunner in the hall.

The rear ventilation slot known from the GT R also breaks through the end of the GT C and the rear-axle steering whets the appetite for the most dangerous corners in the world. The retractable rear spoiler hugs the third brake light that has moved onto the trunk lid. And driving out is exactly what you absolutely want to do when you sit in the Mercedes-AMG GT C.

New GT C version with 557 hp

In the base it is Mercedes-AMG GT-Roadster powered by the well-known 476 PS and 630 Nm four-liter biturbo V8. This takes the roadster to 100 km /h in 4.0 seconds and enables cockpit towers of up to 302 km /h. For those who love it even harder, Mercedes-AMG has a look-up ready at the Paris Motor Show. The GT C variant made its debut with the Roadster - which will later also be available in the Coupé. With 557 hp and 680 Nm, it slides between the GT S and the GT R andalso relies on the four-liter V8 biturbo. In the GT C, the sprint from standstill to 100 km /h is done in 3.7 seconds, and the dynamic propulsion does not end until the top speed of 316 km /h.

Stefan Baldauf
Airscarf is also available for the AMG GT.

AMG GT Roadster costs from 129,180 Euro

In addition to the power plus, the GT C version also brings various features of the GT R (here for the Fahrbericht ) with. For the chassis, the C relies on AMG Ride Control with adaptive adjustable damping and 19 and 20-inch wheels (GT: only 19-inch). The rear axle differential is electronically controlled and the rear axle can actively steer. Visually, too, the C can poach the R. The 57 mm wider rear fenders create space for the larger track width and wider wheels on the rear axle, which should enable even higher cornering speeds and improved traction. In the seven-speed gearbox, the first gear has a longer ratio, while the seventh gear and the final output are shorter. In addition, the AMG GT C Roadster has a lithium-ion battery and is more exclusively equipped. Among other things with the interior fittings in nappa leather, the AMG performance steering wheel, the additional driving program Race as well as a performance exhaust system with flap control as standard Prices for the open AMG GT start at 129,180 euros for the GT, the GT C costs from 160,650 euros.


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