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Mercedes-AMG E 63 T-Model (2017): data, information, prices, market launch

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W hen Mercedes-AMG is the Mercedes A-Team, then the E 63 T-Model is more or less Mister T. Okay, with something less bling-bling, but no less muscular. From 0 to 100 km /h in 3.5 seconds - that's a word for a station wagon. The E-Class in its sportiest and at the same time most spacious form owes its propulsion to the four-liter V8 biturbo with 612 hp familiar from the sedan. At least in the S model. The 'basic version' starts with 571 horses.

The top version pushes itself off the starting line with a powerful 850 Newton meters of torque and that at 2,500 to 4,500 revolutions. There is an optional 300 km /h clearance for particularly ambitious pilots. The S variant also has a drift mode on board, which transforms the E 63 S into a pure rear-wheel drive. The manufacturer specifies the consumption of this firework of figures with a combined 9.1 liters per 100 kilometers, the CO2 emissions with 206 grams per kilometer. Thanks to the standard cylinder deactivation, only four out of eight cylinders work in the partial load range. According to Mercedes, the passengers shouldn't feel that at all.

If things go fast, the feathers harden automatically. All-wheel drive is now standard on board.
The new generation doesn't look that grim, the PS station wagon from Mercedes.

Automatic hardness when sprinting and cornering

Also standard is the new 4Matic + all-wheel drive, which now distributes the power variably between the axles thanks to an electromechanical clutch. The “plus” in the name refers to this innovation. To ensure maximum traction, the torque distribution is continuously calculated and continuously adjusted. The special task force from Affalterbach has also revised the nine-speed automatic. The shift times have been shortened and a wet starting clutch now replaces the torque converter.

The Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic + T-Model (admittedly, the name is a bit long) has dynamic engine mounts, which are supposed to provide either a comfortable or a rigid connection of the drive train. As with all-wheel drive, the required value is continuously and steplessly adjusted.

As far as contact with the ground is concerned, Mercedes has installed air suspension in the performance model of the E-Class, which can be adjusted to three different degrees of hardness. If the front is particularly powerful or extremely fast in a curve, the springs harden automatically. As presumably also the face of the passenger. If you want to expect even more driving dynamics from your passengers, you will be pleased with the rear-axle limited-slip differential, which is controlled mechanically in the E 63 and electronically in the S version.

Less aggression on the face

Compared to its predecessor, the 27 millimeter wider wheel arches now accommodate a wider track and larger wheels on the front axle. The bonnet is placed between the fender and the bumper, which gives the E 63 Estate a less angular and aggressive face. That's not as negative as it might sound. The fresh look looks good on the potent Swabian and fits perfectly into the current group design line. In the interior, the dynamic line with carbon, nappa leather and gray contrasts is continued.

With all the looks and performance, here is another fact of the family man: the load volume in the trunk is 640 - 1,820 liters. In addition, the rear seat back has a new cargo function. It can be set up ten degrees steeper and thus provides an additional 30 liters of storage space if required. It can be divided in a ratio of 40:20:40.

From June onwards, in addition to a special model at dealerships

As already known from other model series, the Mercedes-AMG E 63 T-model The special version 'Edition 1' was offered for one year. The exclusive model comes in a selenite gray or night black paint, on 20-inch models and with the AMG Night package. Inside, black leather, as well as yellow stitching and accents characterize the ambience.

The celebrated its world premierePower station wagon at the Geneva Motor Show in March, from June it will be at the dealership. The Performance T-Model can now be ordered from 112,907 euros and the S-Model from 124,688 euros. The price for the E 63 S 4Matic + T-model Edition 1 is 139,980 euros.


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