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Mercedes AMG C63 from Piecha: Power jump from 476 to 612 hp

Piecha Design
Mercedes AMG C63 from Piecha
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P iecha design from Rottweil has been around for more than 30 years in terms of refinement of Mercedes-Benz models. The tuners are now introducing a power upgrade including an aero package for the AMG C 63 with an inherent capacity of 476 hp. The latter adds some masculine edges to the rather soft body curves of the W205. Front spoiler lip and roof edge spoiler ensure a more striking appearance, as do optional front cup wings. New Piecha MP1 monoblock rims in 19 inches and Piecha MP5 LXM rims in 20 inches also contribute to the revised look. Both rim designs are optionally available in a light metal or satin black finish.

Among other things, a new one Roof spoiler gives the C63 a more distinctive appearance.

Output increases by 136 hp

But not only the exterior has been revised . Thanks to a Piecha power module, the standard 476 hp of the C63 become a proud 612 hp. The maximum torque climbs to 840 Nm. The Mercedes sprints from 0 to 100 km /h in 3.8 seconds - it took 4.1 seconds before the performance cure.

The new front spoiler lip also worksmore striking.

Alternative: Power Converter

The module is installed non-destructively using the original connector. On request, coilover springs complement the Piecha range for the C 63. Conventional lowering springs and wheel spacers are available for the more civil versions of the C-Class. As an alternative to the power module, the Rottweiler also offer a power converter, which ensures a more direct throttle response. The icing on the cake is the optional LED sill lighting with four individual lights on each side.


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