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Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers: AMG GT as a model family

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers
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Mercedes-GT AMG as Roadster and Black Series

' I would like the AMG GT a model family ', Moers told a uto motor und sport . A roadster but also a Black Series version could contribute to this. AMG is currently building 20 Mercedes-AMG GTs per day, and a GT3 version is also in the works. 'We want to be seen on a par with the most successful sports car manufacturers,' Moers continued.

The sales figures already prove the AMG boss to be right. In 2014 more than 40,000 vehicles are said to have been sold, last year there were 32,000 models. 'We are sure to help Mr. Zetsche achieve the goals he has set for himself,' explains Moers proudly. The newly launched AMG-Sport-Line, which will be positioned below the AMG models following the example of the BMW M-Performance, will ensure a further increase in sales.

Mercedes C450 AMG and GLE Coupé 450 AMG in Detroit

The Mercedes C450 AMG and the Mercedes GLE 450 AMG, which will be available from summer 2015. The models will celebrate their premiere at the Detroit Motor Show in early 2015. The C450 AMG is powered by a 367 hp three-liter V6.

Moers expects the AMG Sport Line to make a share of future sales in the Range between 30 and 40 percent. It is intended to make AMG technology affordable, but is limited exclusively to the six-cylinder engines in the individual model series.

In the future, plug-in hybrid technology will also find its way into AMG while it is in the pure AMG vehicles could give hybrid technology derived from F1. Good news for purists: AMG is sticking to the large V12 unit and clearly rejecting the diesel engine.


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