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  • Mercedes A-Class W177 (2018): driving report, video, price

Mercedes A-Class W177 (2018): driving report, video, price

New Mercedes A-Class W177 (2018)
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S e since 2012 the A-Class (internal W176) has been at the start in Germany. Their MFA platform (modular front-wheel drive platform) also served as the technical basis for the B-Class, GLA, CLA and CLA Shooting Brake. In addition, the Infiniti Q30 and QX30 are currently still based on this platform. Nissan will no longer use the new platform, but eight Mercedes models will be based on the new MFA2 base. New to the compact family include a notchback sedan, which should be of particular interest for the Chinese market, and the GLB, which, as a small SUV, is supposed to be based on the G-Class.

More wheelbase, more space for the new A. -Class W177

The A-Class (W177) brings MFA2 three centimeters more wheelbase for more space in the rear. However, the total length grew by a whopping 12 centimeters to almost 4.42 meters. For comparison: the Golf VII is only 4.28 meters long. The width of the A-Class now measures around 1.80 meters (plus 1.8 centimeters) without mirrors in the rear, but there should be up to 3.6 centimeters more freedom of movement for the occupants. The height increased by one centimeter to 1.44 meters. The trunk is now 370 liters (plus 29 liters).

The dimensions of the new Mercedes A-Class

On the chassis side, the front track increased by at least 14 millimeters. For the rear axle there is now as forThe compact-class models of the VW group have two designs: the weaker engine variants have to get by with a torsion-beam rear axle, while the more powerful versions or with all-wheel drive have a four-link rear axle. There is also an active, electronically controlled adjustable damping system for an extra charge. We have already seen how the chassis works.

More space and more comfort in the new A -Class.

The cooperation with the dual clutch transmission works just as smoothly, nothing else is expected from a Mercedes - one with the only one at first Diesel costs more than 30,000 euros. But much more exciting is the question of how the new MBUX operating system proves itself at the first encounter. Well, the speech recognition and the ability of the accompanying computer systems to convert freely formulated speeches into correct operating steps, that's great.

But the voice control does not understand anything, and it is not immediately obvious why something is happening as simple as changing the system language is apparently not planned. The driver has to go to the vehicle menu using the screen. Incidentally, it is not new that double and triple operation via controller, steering wheel buttons and touchscreen is also easier to imagine.

Otherwise, the A 180 d is a pleasant place to stay, sensitively springy (with adaptive dampers, 1,178 euros) fine steering as well as that agile handling that already distinguished the previous series. And the A-Class has grown big, but we already mentioned that.

We were able to experience how the A-Class drives without the optional adjustable dampers in a pre-production car in the front passenger seat.

Ride a Mercedes A-Class

Doesn't he see it? So he has to ... at least a little ... to the left, maybe? There is still room ... too late! A thud, the sunk manhole cover hits the chassis of the still camouflaged Mercedes A-Class like a left straight, the 18-inch front right wheel plops in, then the rear right. But the spring-damper combination responds reliably and processes the impulse properly. Matthias Stahl, project coordinator NVH for the A-Class Generation 4, W177 series, is satisfied. “Compared to the still current model, we were able to optimize the connection to the body and minimize the suggestions,” explains the engineer.

Need for improvement in comfort

Oh, pardon, NVH, of course: That The abbreviation stands for noise, vibration, harshness, i.e. everything that could disturb the impression of comfort, but is also necessary to a certain extent for a certain driving experience. Christoph Meier, Head of NVH Body and Chassis Cars, added earlier at the meeting point in the acoustics laboratory: “There should be some feedback on the driving condition and road. Up until now, the A-Class has been a very active car, now it has to catch up in terms of comfort. ”

As far as can be judged from the front passenger seat, this development goal has been achieved. On the sometimes rather wavy country roads in the area around Sindelfingen, the chassis copes well with the various suggestions and movesonly a little, only very muffled noises penetrate the interior, which testify to the work in the wheel arches.

Standard chassis without adaptive dampers

Adaptive dampers, definitely, or Mr Stahl? 'No, the standard chassis is in here'. Oh okay Alternatively, there will be a mechanical sports suspension and, for an additional charge (1,178 euros), adjustable dampers with two defined characteristics - comfort and sport. 'The new rear axle is also better decoupled,' adds Stahl. New rear axle? More precisely two. A torsion beam axle is used for the less powerful versions, while a four-link construction is used for the others.

Safety systems from the S-Class

According to Mercedes, the new A-Class can be used for the first time in certain driving situations drive partially automated. According to Mercedes, the improved driver assistance systems even have S-Class functions (FAP 4.5) for an additional charge. The active distance and steering assistant, for example, should provide even better support; the speed is e.g. automatically adjusted even for curves, intersections or roundabouts. There are also the active emergency stop assistant and an 'intuitively understandable' active lane change assistant. The so-called Pre-Safe Plus can brake the car firmly before a rear-end collision and thus minimize the risk of injury because it reduces the forward jolt caused by the impact.

The new digital ads in the A-Class.

Wait a minute, something is missing. The display for the settings of the automatic air conditioning? Well, yes - and no. Somehow it was to be expected that Mercedes would put them in some display menu. Ah yes, display, exactly. As in the E- and S-Class, the fourth generation of the compact Daimler has what is known as the widescreen cockpit. Always. In every variant. And always digital. Only the two monitors in the same-sized laminated glass frame of the five-door vary, measuring seven inches in diameter as standard, depending on the equipment, only the right one or both can have a diameter of 10.25 inches.

The special thing: the big one The frame is based on a sweeping, slim instrument panel, which also enables a better all-round view to the front. Oh, and the all-round visibility has also improved significantly, claims Mercedes, the obscuration could be reduced by ten percent.

Widescreen cockpit comprises 3 levels with increasing information density

The above the widescreen is missing old hood. The screen actually seems to be free-standing on the instrument panel. A special film on the glass prevents reflections.

Level 1: Homescreen . In addition to the freely selectable main applications (e.g. telephone, navigation and radio), the most important information (such as arrival time, currently played song, etc.) is displayed.

Level 2: Basescreen - with Display and operation of one main application, such as media and navigation, is just oneStep removed. The most important information and operating options are presented attractively on this level. Important functions such as the target or music search are grouped at the bottom of the screen.

Level 3: The last level contains the submenu for information and settings that are rarely used.

The instrument cluster can be configured according to personal preferences. As an alternative to the classic speed display in the left tube, displays such as analog clock, from start, from reset, range or information on the current radio station /media title can be placed. In the right field, in addition to the rev counter, an assistance graphic, the current consumption, the ECO display or a navigation map can be displayed.

In full-screen mode, the entire area of ​​the instrument cluster is used to display assistance, travel or navigation used:

The Infiniti QX30 (picture) and the Q30 are also based on the Mercedes platform.

The second petrol engine is the M 260 with a displacement of 2.0 liters, 224 hp. The A 180 d is also available at the beginning. The 1.46-liter unit (also from the cooperation with Renault) develops 116 hp.

The 1.33-liter gasoline engine (M 282) drives the A 200 with 163 hp and produces 250 Nm maximum torque on the crankshaft. Cylinder deactivation is only available in conjunction with the 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission, in which case the unit consumes a combined 5.1 l /100 km (120 g CO2 /km). With the six-speed manual transmission, the combined fuel consumption according to WLTP should be 5.6 l /100 km (133 g CO2 /km). Incidentally, the consumption values ​​are still NEDC values ​​until September 1, 2018. Although they are determined according to the WLT cycle, they are still converted into NEDC during this transition period - with a tool specified by the EU.

In addition to cylinder deactivation (in conjunction with the 7G-DCT transmission) the delta shape of the cylinder head. It is a bit higher, but it is much narrower and lighter. There are also partially integrated intake and exhaust manifolds, and Daimler even holds a patent for the compact arrangement of the high-pressure injection pump with a maximum of 250 bar. A petrol particle filter is standard. The new engine is initially only available with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission, later also with a manual six-speed transmission and with all-wheel drive.

The M 260 drives the A 250. The 224 PS 2.0 liter with 350 Nm maximum torque is supposed to get along with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission with 6.0 l /100 km (141 g CO2 /km, WLTP converted to NEDC). New in the two-liter unit are the adjustable intake camshaft and the standard particulate filter.

Small diesel with SCR catalytic converter

Daimler also describes the four-cylinder diesel (OM 608) as new with 1 , 43 liter displacement, up to 116 hp and 260 Nm. So that it always meets the new emissions standard, which is measured in road use (RDE), it has an exhaust gas cleaning system with urea injection close to the engine. A 23.8-liter Adblue tank should make refilling the urea (on a nozzle next to the one for diesel) a comparatively rare matter. An exhaust gas turbocharger with variable turbine geometry integrated in the exhaust manifold and a water intercooler should benefit consumption. In combination with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission, this is 4.1 l /100 km (108 g CO2 /km). As standard, Mercedes installs a 43-liter tank, optionally the Schweben offer a 51-liter tank. In autumn 2018, the two-liter diesel in the Mercedes A 200d with 150 PS and in the A 220d with 190 PS should followoptionally with the 4-Matic all-wheel drive. An alternative to the diesels could be an A 220e (plug-in hybrid) with a 13.7 kWh battery and an electric range of around 70 kilometers.

The first power model with the two-liter AMG A35 should be in autumn 2018 -Four cylinder (M260), 48-volt electrical system and belt starter generator (RSG) come. The system output will be around 300 hp.

In the further course, a 115-hp version of the 1.33-liter four-cylinder petrol engine could round off the offer. The top version of the AMG 45 4-Matic is expected from 2019. It is also said to have a 48 V network and RSG as well as 408 hp.


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