Mega truck for factory traffic at Seat

Mega trucks for factory traffic
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G igaliner, as they are already on the road in Germany, are extra-long trucks with a total length of 25.25 meters. Conventional trucks are limited in length to 18.75 meters. The new XXL variant offers a further 6 meters of loading length and a further 10 tonnes of payload.

The VW subsidiary Seat is now going one step further in Spain and is sending even longer trucks to a pilot project. Here, two trailers, each 13.60 meters long, are coupled to a Scania semi-trailer. In total, the entire train stretches to 31.70 meters. The giant trucks with a payload of up to 70 tons will initially drive on specially designated routes between the Zaragoza and Martorell locations.

Reduce costs and consumption

Seat expects itself from Lang -Trucks per trip 20 percent less CO2 emissions and a cost reduction of 25 percent. In addition, the gigaliners should reduce the number of trucks on the roads by 50 percent and thus their risk of accidents.

Seat in Spain started operating normal gigaliners two years ago and has had positive experiences with it. The new pilot test should take a few months.


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