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Mecum Auctions is auctioning rare Aston Martin Vulcan

Mecum Auctions
Aston Martin Vulcan at Mecum Auctions
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Interested parties now have another chance to submit a A ston Martin to get hold of Vulcan. The auction house Mecum is auctioning the super sports car with the chassis number 'AMLVULCANXXXXXX11' in Monterey in August 2016.

Aston Martin Vulcan cost around 2.3 million dollars

There is no estimate yet for Lot 'R300', but the Vulcan should bring in significantly more than the original retail price of approximately $ 2.3 million. As early as November 2015, a US noble car dealership had an Aston Martin Vulcan for $ 3.4 million on sale.

Mecum Auctions
Aston Martin Vulcan number 11 with black interior.
Max Earey
auto motor und sport was allowed to Aston Martin Vulcan driving. Read moreYou can find them in the linked driving report.

Buyers of the Mecum Vulcan can check out a super sports car with a seven-liter V12 and more than 800 hp and 780 Nm torque. The driver transfers this power to the rear wheels via a sequential six-speed gearbox. Otherwise, number 11 comes in dark blue with a black interior.

Aston Martin Vulcan number 11: Every engineer's dream

And the features of the Aston Martin Vulcan like a sports car engineer's wish list: Sachs Dual clutch transmission, Cosworth electronic control, Inconel and titanium side pipes, Brembo ceramic brake system, Michelin sports tires, Recaro carbon sports seats and Schroth seat belts.

And what alternatives to the Aston Martin Vulcan could be ? How about, for example, the Ferrari FXX K or the McLaren P1 GT-R .


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