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McLaren Track25 plan: 18 new ones by 2025

McLaren Track25 plan
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D he original plan, named Track22, has been known since Geneva 2016. Accordingly, McLaren wanted to invest around one billion pounds in research and development of new models between 2016 and 2022. The British wanted to build 15 new sports cars or derivatives by the end of the six-year strategy. For example the 570S Spider as an offshoot of the 570 PS strong coupé. Or the BP23 as a completely new development. This is the code name of a new Hyper-GT with hybrid powertrain, which, like the McLaren F1 once did, will have three seats. The premiere of the BP23 is planned for the end of 2019. Now the British have adjusted their plan. By 2025, 18 new models or derivatives are to be created and by 2025 all McLaren models are to have a hybrid drive. Accordingly, the future plan has now been renamed Track25. The investment volume was increased to 1.2 billion pounds.

McLaren and the electric sports car

McLaren wants to completely hybridize its fleet by 2025. The sports cars affected are to be developed around the hybrid drive train. So hybrid not as an option, but as a fixed component. Task for the engineers: Despite the additional weight from a battery, the sports cars should drive like real sports cars. A battery system is also to be developed that can be charged very quickly and should last around 30 minutes on the circuit. Augmented reality features will also find their way into future McLaren models. The weight screw should also be turned further. McLaren is relying on its carbon fiber expertise here.

In the future plan, McLaren also speaks of a purely electric sports car. However, without specifying a series production. In Woking, the focus is on building a concept. That is known. This electric sports car would also be classified in the Ultimate Series. It can be expected that such a car will only be presented at the end of the implementation of the future plans. In the meantime, McLaren accumulates know-how in Formula E. From the 5th season (2018/2019), the McLaren Applied Technologies division will supply the batteries for the electric racing cars. With a storage capacity of 56 kWh.

Larger quantities and more dealers

The bottom line is that McLaren wants to increase its quantities with the Track25 plan. The number of units is to be increased to 6,000 vehicles by 2015. All vehicles are to be assembled at the Woking site. At the same time, the internationalSales network will be expanded from 86 to 100 dealers at present. A main focus is on Russia, India and Eastern Europe.


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