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McLaren MSO customizes special models ex works

McLaren MSO individualized
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Anyone who has a M cLaren does not necessarily want an off-the-shelf model, the athlete can be a little more individual . It is precisely for these customer requirements that McLaren has established the MSO department, which takes care of special customer requirements. In order to inspire them, MSO keeps producing new concept cars, but also converts them to customer satisfaction.

Long-distance racers in an individual look

McLaren 675LT in the factory long-distance racing car look.

McLaren has a long long-distance racing tradition and now has a McLaren 675LT buyers reminded. He wanted his sports car to look like the Gulf-Davidoff GTC Team McLaren F1 GTR from 1997. No problem for the MSO troops, who transformed the 675LT in around 1,000 hours - with the approval of the Gulf oil multinational. For the complex painting alone, 800 hours were estimated. The 675LT now has a light blue basic color with orange stripes and accents. The specially shaped 20-inch alloy wheels and the type code on the side skirts were also painted orange. The technical update includes a new front apron, a new air intake scoop on the roof and a carbon air brake. The interior was completely lined with black Alcantara, the seams were made blue. The headrests are also adorned with embroidered initials of the new owner. The customization is rounded off by orange seat belts. The 675 remained unchangedHP strong biturbo engine.

Black car with black accents

Only 100 copies of the McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection are to be built.

Last one The project was the MSO Black Collection, a jet-black special series of the McLaren 570GT. The Black Collection is limited to 100 units worldwide, which of course features a black base coat, numerous black add-on parts, black leather and Alcantara in the interior, black rims, black brake calipers and a black titanium exhaust. An electrochromatic option is available for the GT Blackout glass roof.

Racing look and just about street-ready

McLaren in Newport Beach is considered the largest retailer in the USA and also one of the busiest. Now he has had ten very special 570S in GT4 style, but street legal, built for his customers at MSO. McLaren endurance racers from the 90s were the inspiration for the two-tone paintwork. The GT4 package includes a fixed rear spoiler, a carbon air snorkel on the roof, new blades on the front apron, a titanium sports exhaust, Pirelli sports tires as well as a redesigned front hood with large air ducts and a new rear apron. In addition, many add-on parts were made of carbon, which should also save weight. Visible carbon also dominates the interior, with composed MSO carbon seat shells, six-point seat belts and a new center console that is higher and does not have a storage compartment. Parking sensors, a lift system on the front axle and a racing air conditioning system are also on board for limited road use. Race excursions document various on-board cameras and a telemetry system. All ten models have already been handed over in Las Vegas.

Gold McLaren for Dubai

At the Dubai Motor Show, a McLaren 720S was unveiled, which is based on the colors black and gold. The unique piece is based on a base paint in 'Zenith Black', the light metal rims were coated with gold-colored paint. A real gold plating adorns the heat protection grille in the engine compartment. There were also several in the interiorComponents painted gold. The uniqueness of the MSO model is documented by a corresponding badge in the doorway. As a special feature, the 720S got a Bruce McLaren quote painted on the rear spoiler. “Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone” is written in golden letters in Arabic script on the air control unit. The font was laid out in such a way that it resembles the skyline of Dubai. In addition, the exterior has been upgraded with numerous carbon fiber components. McLaren wraps the interior in lots of Alcantara and leather and complements various carbon applications. Technically, the McLaren 720S remained unchanged.

MSO with and without roof

One customer, two cars: the twin models McLaren MSO R Coupé and MSO R Spider.

MSO R Coupé and MSO R Spider, the two sports car twins ordered by a customer who would like to remain anonymous. Both models have the same aerodynamic modifications, the same technical modifications and the same paintwork. New spoiler lips and flaps were attached to the front of the two sports cars. For aerodynamic balance, there is a spoiler with two blades on the rear. The entire front including the hood and fenders, the roof, the engine cover as well as the exterior mirror housings and the mirror arms were made of carbon, partly in visible construction. For the basecoat, silver was chosen, with red-orange elements and black surfaces providing a contrasting program. Black 5-spoke wheels turn in the wheel arches.

The interiors also have combinations of red and black. The dashboard disappears under black Alcantara with red contrasting stitching, the seats have red Alcantara with black contrasting stitching. There are also black painted elements on the dashboard and a carbon steering wheel with partial Alcantara cover. In addition, the on-board displays have customized start menus. There are numerous MSO R labels on the inside and outside of both vehicles.

And because the customer also asked for more power, the two 3.8-liter V8 biturbo engines were given cylinder heads with polished ducts as well a more throughput-friendly exhaust system withTitanium tailpipes. The power is 668 PS, the maximum torque increases to 700 Nm.

Special model McLaren MSO 570GT in XP-Green.

The youngest child of the MSO department is the XP Green MSO Collection 570GT, which optically borrows from the 1997 McLaren F1 XP GT in XP Green, which served as a long-tail homologation vehicle. First and foremost, there is the exterior paintwork in the special color XP Green, which is accentuated with orange stripes on the side skirts, the aeroblades and the rear diffuser. There are also other stripes on the doors that are combined with a Union Jack. For this purpose, the British composed an interior made of brown saddle leather with green inlays and contrasting stitching that was also green. There is also a badge that identifies the special model as one of a series of only 6 copies.

Further features of the McLaren 570GT MSO Collection are high-gloss black elements on the side skirts, the front splitter, the doors, the rear apron, the rear spoiler and the rear diffuser. For the redesign, McLaren charges a sum of £ 21,000, the equivalent of around € 24,000. The 6 special models XP Green MSO Collection 570GT are offered on the markets in Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany.

MSO had already built a 570GT for Pebble Beach in August 2016.

High-tech- Glass roof for the GT

A titanium sports exhaust system was installed on the show vehicle, which increases the sound enormously, but is supposed to save around 30% in weight. Because a titanium plant turns bluish when exposed to extreme heat, the outwardly visible heat covers were laid out in gold.

McLaren MSO GT for Pebble Beach.

The body was painted completely in white metallic. The glossy black painted add-on parts set accents. MSO has developed an electrochromatic glass roof for the McLaren especially for hot climates. At the push of a button, it can be lightened or completely darkened in 5 levels.

In the interior of the 570GT, passengers can be pampered by real carbon door sills, carbon applications and special brown leather trim, while a Bowers and Wilkins hi-fi system the ears bewitched with 12 speakers.

Technically, the McLaren 570GT remained unchanged.


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