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McLaren MP4-12C GT Sprint at Goodwood: For the racetrack

McLaren MP4-12C GT Sprint at Goodwood
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Whoever has his M cLaren MP4-12C preferably only on the racetrack anyway , which is now served by the British from the factory. With the McLaren MP4-12C GT Sprint, the sports car manufacturer is offering a two-seater that is optimized for circuit use, but which has to do without road approval.

McLaren MP4-12C GT Sprint upgraded for the race track

The GT Sprint is intended to close the gap between the production model and the pure racing cars 12C GT3 and 12C GT Can-Am.

The MP4-12C GT Sprint upgraded with a modified lubrication and an optimized cooling system. The electronically controlled chassis has been retuned, and the vehicle height has been lowered by 40 millimeters at the same time. Racing tires on 19-inch central locking rims optimize grip. The driving dynamics system, including ESP, can be set in several stages.

A new front hood with ventilation opening and enlarged side air inlets should ensure an improved cooling air flow. The new front spoiler increases downforce. A ceramic composite brake system decelerates, and a built-in jack makes it easier to change tires.

A roll cage in accordance with FIA standards, a fire extinguisher and the HANS safety system are new on board. A racing bucket seat with a six-point seat belt is also new, and the air conditioning has been retained. The interior conversion is rounded off by a carbon fiber dashboard, a new instrument cluster and an airbag-free racing steering wheel.

The McLaren MP4-12C GT Sprint can still be equipped with new aerodynamic components made of carbon fiber laminate and a windshield made of polycarbonate. The GT Sprint is available in any color as long as it is the classic McLaren orange. The prices for the racetrack model should be the equivalent of around 230,000 euros plus tax.


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