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McLaren F1 for sale: Untouched supercar on offer

Tom Hartley Jnr
McLaren F1 for sale
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I in May 2017 McLaren offered a McLaren F1 itself , which is said to have brought in just under 12 million euros. However, the super sports car with chassis number 69 already had 2,800 miles (4,506 kilometers) on the clock. However, the special department MSO had completely overhauled the three-seater and put it in new condition.

20 years old, yet new condition

Tom Hartley Jnr
Still in the absolute delivery condition: The F1 still has all protective films in the interior.

The McLaren F1 model now offered in Great Britain has almost never left its new condition. Chassis number 60 is for sale at the luxury car dealership Tom Hartley Jnr - in the delivery condition from 1997. The F1 painted in Dandelion Yellow is likely to be the McLaren F1 model with the lowest mileage in the world. The digital display shows only 239 kilometers - that's exactly the distance that every McLaren F1 had to cover as a test drive before delivery to the customer. In addition, the yellow racer has not collected a single kilometer in the 20 years since it was delivered, and it has never been approved for road use. It went straight to the aservat chamber of a well-heeled Japanese collector.

Accordingly, all of the protective foils applied ex works can be found in the interior, which is largely dark gray. Dashboard, passenger seats, consoles - all surfaces are hidden under protective foils and adhesive tape. The steering wheel and gear lever as well as the pedals are presented in a virginal guise. New car scent escapes under every hood and cover.

All factory accessories included in their original packaging

But not just the McLaren itselfis absolutely new, and the accessory package offered is also unique. Everything is there that once accompanied the McLaren F1 to its first owner. There are the leather-bound manuals with handwritten data and the signature of McLaren F1 design chief Gordon Murray, a complete workshop trolley, the on-board tool roll with tools made of titanium, a luggage set also still in its original packaging, the spare key and the limited TAG Heuer watch with an engraving Chassis number.

Furthermore, the first owner ordered a replacement steering wheel covered with suede, a sports exhaust system, special floor mats and a tint film for the windshield - everything is included with the F1 - in its original packaging. Other optional extras include a carbon seat shell with a yellow center panel and an original signature by Gordon Murray on the right flank.

A McLaren F1 in this condition should be unique. Dealer Tom Hartley does not name a price. But the McLaren F1 is unlikely to change hands for less than 12 million euros.

Only 64 street models of the McLaren F1 were manufactured between 1993 and 1998 (71 models in total). With its top speed of 390 km /h, the F1 is still the fastest sports car with a naturally aspirated engine.


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