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McLaren developed with BMW: more liter output, less consumption

McLaren developed with BMW
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D he new combustion engines should achieve significantly higher liter outputs than previously available engine families. At the same time, CO2 emissions should also be reduced further.

Patrick Ernzen /RM Auctions
A V12 from BMW worked in the McLaren F1.

McLaren leads development project

The research project, led by McLaren, is also supported by the UK government through the Advanced Propulsion Center (APC). Other development partners are also on board. In addition to the car manufacturer BMW, these are the engine developers from Ricardo, Grainger and Worrall as lightweight casting specialists, Lentus Composites as a specialist in composite materials, and the University of Bath, which is to contribute its research results on the subject of combustion engines. The first developments from this project will be reflected at McLaren. BMW engines could also benefit from it later. M GmbH in particular will be dependent on high-performance engines in the future, but they will also shine when it comes to CO2 emissions.

The project now launched to develop internal combustion engines is not the first collaboration between McLaren and BMW. Already with the legendary McLaren F1 BMW contributes a V12 engine specially tailored for the British. The 6.1 liter twelve-cylinder naturally aspirated engine developed up to 680 hp and made the McLaren F1 up to 386 km /h.

Also for the successor to the F1 , the The British are expected to work with Bavaria in 2019.


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