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McLaren 570S Spider: information, data, prices, market launch

McLaren 570S Spider
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The M cLaren 570S Spider already, now it's here. As a guarantee for plenty of fresh air pleasure, McLaren has given the 570S a foldable hardtop made of two parts. The top technology is well known from the 650S Spider and 675LT Spider models.

The top adds 46 kg

The entire top construction should only weigh 46 kg. Additional stiffening of the chassis should not be necessary despite the open roof. The Spider should have the same torsional rigidity as the Coupé. The convertible top can be opened and closed electro-hydraulically at the push of a button. The transformation should be possible within 15 seconds and up to a speed of 40 km /h. The folded top disappears under a fixed cover behind the driver's seats. The rear window between the two air domes can be lowered electrically and used as a wind deflector.

When the top is closed, the speed is indicated at 328 km /h. If you want to try it with the roof open, you can look forward to a maximum of 315 km /h. The standard consumption values ​​should match those of the coupé.

The two-part hood opens in 15 seconds.

The McLaren 570S Spider will be its official public premiere at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood Celebrate at the end of June. The open two-seater will then roll to customers from August. The first 400 copies are to be issued in a special launch edition. the new McLaren 570S Spider is now available for order. The prices for Germany start at 208,975 euros.


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