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McKlein Motorsport Calendar: Great hits, spectacular poses

3 motorsport calendars from McKlein
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From mega to small format

M cKlein is offering three calendars for motorsport fans for next year: a panorama calendar that is almost a meter wide, one with racing motifs from the 50s up to the 70s and a compact desk calendar with two motifs every two weeks.

'The wider View' - the giant wall hanging

The calendar 'The W ider View ', which shows motifs from the WRC. Scenes from the World Rally Championship can be seen here in an impressive panorama format: This is where the mud splashes, the snow swirls and the dust rises. You can choose from two motifs per month, so variety is guaranteed.

The calendar with 25 pages in spiral binding costs 39.90 euros.

' Motorsport Classic 2016 '- the hottest pictures from the 50s to 70s

Motorsport fans have known the McKlein Classic calendar for years. Reinhard Klein has picked out 26 spectacular pictures from his archive again for next year. There are Formula 1 scenes, Le Mans motifs and numerous pictures of hill climbs such as RoƟfeld and Schauinsland.

The 26 motifs are 67 x 48 cm, all in black and white and also with a spiral binding summarized. The price is 39.90 euros.

Rally feeling for the desk: Desktop Rally Calendar

Who If you want to see rallying at work, you can do so with the 'Desktop Rally Calendar - History meets the Present'. There are two new motifs every two weeks. The cards in the 11.5 x 13.5 cm format are simply repositioned. Each of the 56 cards show a historical and a current rally motif.

This small-format desk calendar is available for 9.95 euros.

All calendars are available directly from the RallyWebShop (www. rallywebshop.com):

RallyWebShop at Hauptstrasse 172
51143 Cologne
Tel .: +49 (0) 2203 - 924 25 70
Fax: +49 (0 ) 2203 - 924 25 90


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