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Mazda CX-8: seven-seater crossover for Japan

Mazda CX-8
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W ie the other CX models also carry the CX- 8 the Kodo design line - i.e. the CX-8, as a crossover, is practically a large CX-4, which was recently presented exclusively for China.

Seven seats in three rows of seats

In the third row of seats, which can be configured as a two or three-seater, even adults who are not taller than 1.70 meters should find sufficient space. Optionally, the CX-8 can also be ordered with only 6 seats. With seven seats on board, there is 239 liters of storage space for luggage. If the third row of seats is folded away, the load space increases to 572 liters. There is also a 65 liter storage compartment under the cargo area.

The new CX-8 will come as a seven-seater.

The Mazda CX-8 is 4.90 Meters long, comes to a width of 1,840 meters and is 1.73 meters high. The wheelbase is given as 2.93 meters. The CX-8 is 17 cm shorter than the CX-9 for the US market, but 37 cm longer than the CX-5 we offer. The only drive is the well-known 2.2-liter turbodiesel, which is combined in the CX-8 with a six-speed automatic. For use in the CX-8, the diesel was revised again and the power increased from 175 HP and 420 Nm to 190 HP and 450 Nm. For the chassis, the CX-8 reaches into the shelf of the CX-9, only the damper settings have been adapted to Japanese tastes. Customers can choose between front-wheel and all-wheel drive. A torque distribution via G-vectoring is always part of the standard equipment.

The CX-8 is available in Japan in three equipment variants, with the upscale version featuring leather equipment and precious wood applications.

Whether that Mazda did not announce that Mazda CX-8 will also be offered in other markets. InJapan is launching the CX-8 at prices equivalent to 24,400 euros.


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