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Mazda 3 used cars
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U nd there are complaints in the Mazda community about rust. Apparently the Japanese did not invest enough care in sealing the edges, especially on the doors and wheel arches.

Mazda 3 models remain in first ownership for a long time

Models before the 2006 facelift are particularly affected. After all: Mazda guarantees goodwill for cars that are in full service. Apart from that, in 2003 it was the successor to the Mazda 323 The first generation introduced and replaced in May 2009 has little grief and even more joy, for example with plenty of space for passengers and agile handling. This is also shown by the fact that first-time owners keep the Mazda 3 for a comparatively long time. Anyone looking for a used vehicle must therefore be more patient than with the Ford Focus , with the he shares the platform.

Only from the Facelift 2006 did Mazda 3 Diesel have a soot filter

98,523 Mazda 3 of the first generation were sold throughout Germany. Of the two body variants, the notchback has an exotic status with around twelve percent market share; as is usual in the compact class, the sport hatchback sets the tone. Around 58 percent are powered by the 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine (105 hp), followed by the 150-hp two-liter engine (7.8 percent market share). Only about five percent of customers were enthusiastic about the entry-level version with 1.4 liter displacement (84 hp). 15 percent chose a 1.6-liter diesel (109 hp). Important when buying second-hand: The MZ-CD diesel engine only received a soot filter with the 2006 facelift and thus meets the Euro 4 standard.

The face-lifted Mazda 3 is available from 7,000 euros

However, older models can be retrofitted for around 1,100 euros. The 143 hp two-liter diesel introduced with the facelift has so far only appeared sporadically on the second-hand market. Used can be found from around 7,000 euros. Should it be a face-lifted Mazda 3 1.6 Sport from 2006 in the upper exclusive version, you have to be 2,000 Plan more euros.


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