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  • Maserati Levante 2018: driving report, prices, dates, information, market start

Maserati Levante 2018: driving report, prices, dates, information, market start

Maserati Levante (2018) in the driving report
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The' U 'in SUV stands for' utility '. So they want to be useful, the long-legged cars, and often refer to off-road use. Also the new M aserati Levante is someone who claims that. Because we don't believe everything we are told, of course, we just give it a try and send the luxury Italian into the desert. Literally.

The United Arab Emirates serve as the backdrop, or more precisely: Dubai. One would think that the Levante there fits well. But in fact, away from the more densely populated areas, you mostly see Toyota Landcruisers or Jeep Wranglers sizzling in the sun. The choice of vehicle by the locals characterizes the off-road terrain as at least impassable. But until it gets into the sand, the broad highways provide first contact. The electric power steering, for example, is new and should work precisely and sensitively. It does too - although the vibrations have been reduced, the driver never loses contact with the road (that will come later). Bends can be tackled crisply, the steering resistance is always pleasantly dosed. The air spring suspension provides support with different settings from comfort to sport as required.

Luxury in the GranLusso

GranLusso offers true to the name of great luxury. The workmanship in the cockpit is first class, the materials no less.

Maserati has also updated the infotainment. The look remains dusty, but if you drive such a Levante, you don't need a GPS. He knows where he's going, doesn't he? This, or something like that, could be in the prospectus - you're welcome, Maserati. In any case, we want to go to the Kalba Desert, at the foot of the 'Fossil Rock', to wrap our 430 hp GranLusso in a dust jacket. On the way there, the large V6 petrol engine warns a very beautiful soundtrack through the four-pipe exhaust system while it pushes hard. Incidentally, it does not push the occupants into any seats. The chairs were decorated by Zegna with special silky fabric inlays and framed by leather. The GranLusso version blatantly focuses on the luxury orientation of the Levante - Alcantara, two-tone leather, decorative stitching, decor. Everything arranged very tastefully and of high quality. For a more sporty look, Maserati also offers the Levante as GranSport. It doesn't just come with a corresponding emblem, but also with a rear spoiler, sports seats and accents in black.

Now it's time to put the off-road qualities to the test. Off to the desert. Maserati has given the Levante a limited-slip differential and, according to its own statements, improves the traction of the Q4 all-wheel drive in the new model. It sends its power to the rear wheels in regular operation, but can also shovel the power forward within 100 milliseconds. What the Italians call Deep Snow /Sand Detection (DSD), also ensures that the control electronics allow more slip on the appropriate surface until traction reaches the respective wheels. In the desert, that means you can put really nice sand fountains in the air.

430 PS paint sand fountains in the air

Tire pressure down to 1.8 bar, ESP off, pump up the air suspension to 210 millimeters of ground clearance and off for it. On the loose surface the chic Levante turns out to be a real adult toy. He has no problems with the terrain. The automatic mode is fixed in manual mode by pressing the M button so that the driver remains in control of speed and torque. Stones, hilltops and dunes - the Maserati swims over any obstacle with almost insolent ease. Turn in jaggedly, add a throttle and the stern lurches through the sand like a rattlesnake. Nevertheless, the Levante remains controllable, even if it sometimes doesn't feel like it for a brief moment. This moment of shock of the supposed slipping gives the Levante so much thirst for adventure that hardly anyone would have admitted at first glance.

The manufacturer lives up to its slogan, the Levante is the Maserati among SUVs. Okay, that was actually undisputed before. But now we know that there is not only “sport” but also “utility” in the “vehicle”. Even if - as is usual in this segment - hardlyone of the end customers will put it to the test. Speaking of customers, what does the fun actually cost? The diesel with 275 hp is available as an entry-level model from 71,200 euros, the cheapest gasoline engine (350 hp, V6) costs 76,000 euros. As a GranLusso or GranSport, the large petrol engine with 430 hp costs at least 98,369 euros each. And would you send a car of this value to the desert? We can only recommend it.

As an alternative to the Levante Diesel and Levante S, customers can now opt for the Levante with a 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine. This has an output of 350 hp and a maximum torque of 500 Nm at 4,000 rpm. The engine, equipped with direct petrol injection, accelerates the SUV to 100 km /h in 6.0 seconds, and the top speed is specified as 251 km /h. Like the other two drive variants, this version is also coupled with the Q4 all-wheel drive as standard.

New steering and more assistance systems

The electric power steering, which replaces the hydraulic power steering, is also new. This is said to have improved handling and comfort. With the electric power steering, the portfolio of assistance systems for the Maserati Levante extended. Highway Assist (HA), Lane Keeping Assist, active Blind Spot Assist and traffic sign recognition are new to the range other model series was introduced. GranSport should be characterized by a decidedly dynamic equipment and appearance, GranLusso stands for the comfortable and luxurious side of the Levante in terms of style and technology. The new models will hit the market in October 2017.


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