Martini-Porsche with turbo and flaws

3.5 million euros for 660 hp Porsche
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The estimate of the equivalent of up to 3.5 million euros draws attention. The Bonhams experts have valued the rare racing car at this value, which will go under the hammer in Goodwood on September 12th. The P orsche was one of the original 13 examples of the 908/3 Spyder built.

Porsche built the 908/3 Turbo weighing just 545 kg

Porsche These only 545 kilograms light and agile racing cars with the eight-cylinder naturally aspirated engine were specially designed for the Targa Florio road race - the 908/3 were also used in the world championship run on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. In 1974 Porsche converted four of the Spyder for private teams like Joest to a six-cylinder turbo engine.

The only remaining turbo conversion

This also included the now offered Porsche 908/3 Spyder Turbo with chassis number 011. It is even the only example from the Turbo quartet that was not later restored to its original Spyder condition on behalf of collectors. But is the turbo racing car in Martini decor really worth the estimated price?

History is decisive: the history of this chassis, which is one of the decisive factors for the value of a racing car, has gaps. James Knight, director of the Bonhams auto division, raves about the 'outstanding provenance' of the 908/3 Spyder. But what exactly happened to the car between 1976 and 1981 is left open from the auctioneer's official description. One explanation would be an accident damage to the original chassis and a new construction. The use of the frame end number 011A in the relevant Internet portal

History only known from 1982

It is known that the dentist and racing driver Siggi Brunn from Eberbach at some point in the car bought it during this period, provided it with the bodywork that is still there and started using it with various drivers from 1982: the US racer John Paul Jr. For example, the then white car competed in the German racing championship at the Norisring. Jürgen Barth drove Brunn's 908/3 Turbo at the Hockenheimring in a frame race for the German Grand Prix. Brunn himselfwon a race at Brands Hatch together with Derek Bell.

Jürgen Barth also drove the sister model of the now offered 908/3 Spyder used by Reinhold Joest and was in charge of customer racing in the Porsche racing department for many years. Regarding the history of the Porsche racing car now on offer, he wrote: 'The chassis was originally intended to be scrapped, but was then sold to Dr. Dannesberger and converted into a 908/3 Turbo in 1974.'

Porsche in Martini livery

Hermann Dannesberger was head of the' Martini International 'racing team at the time and set a 908 Turbo with the Swiss Herbert Müller as well as Gijs van Lennep and Leo Kinnunen. Müller won the Interserie run in Mainz-Finthen 40 years ago with the Martini-Porsche and the racing driver nicknamed 'Stumpen-Herbie' even celebrated his second of three overall victories in the championship at the end of the season.

Targa Florio deployment

Flashback to the 1970 season: In the light blue and orange of sponsor Gulf, the 908/3 now offered by Bonhams with the chassis number 011 rushed across the Sicilian streets of the Targa Florio. The future Le Mans winner Richard Attwood and rally ace Björn Waldegard took turns at the wheel. Marked with the spade in the front right as a distinguishing feature for this car, the works drivers finished fifth in the overall ranking.

At the Porsche home game at the Nürburgring, Pedro Rodriguez and Leo Kinnunen shared the cockpit of the chassis: second place on the starting grid but could not convert it into a good result. The car retired after an accident in the twelfth of 44 laps.

How many pounds does the hammer drop?

How much the 660 hp bolide is actually worth will be decided by the bidders at the Bonhams auction on September 12th. It is a fact, however, that the paintwork does not match the car in this technical specification: As part of the Brunn Racing team, it never had a Martini paintwork. However, it is quite conceivable that a collector could buy the 908/3 Turbo and use the chassis to rebuild the original 1970 Spyder.

An original drive train is no longer available. Porsche built only eight of the engine-gearbox unit for the 908/3. One of them is in the sister model, the one in the Porsche Museumis issued. This car with the frame number 009, which was used only once at the 1970 Targa Florio (2nd place in the overall standings with Pedro Rodriguez /Leo Kinnunen), is considered the only authentic example of this Porsche racing car.


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