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Marchi Mobil Elemment: Luxury mobile for travel, parties and business

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D as is probably the reason why the motorhome with its expressive look is a star in Dubai of all places. A Marchi Mobil Elemment Palazzo was sold there for 3 million US dollars (2.2 million euros) several months ago. This makes the Colani-style travel truck the most expensive mobile home in the world.

Some people will declare the design of the Marchi Mobil Elemment to be impressive, others as unsightly - the attribute 'extraordinary' will rely on them all can probably agree. And it brings back memories: at the end of the 1970s, designer Luigi Colani presented the sensational truck that served as a design template for the luxury object on wheels. The Austrian company Marchi Mobil previously offered the road cruiser in three versions: as a motorhome, as a party and office variant and as a mobile commercial space. Now there is also a shuttle bus.

The Marchi Mobile Elemment Viva is now also available in a limited edition as a VIP multi-passenger, with a 500 hp 13.0 liter diesel. But that is not the only highlight of the bus. At 13.5 meters in length and 4 meters in height, there are 22 leather seats that customers are sure to know from their business jets. The seats are heated and fully adjustable, and they also offer plenty of storage options. Of course, every seat has a large infotainment screen. The interior is also finished in real gold. The Marchi Mobile VIP Shuttle is the first model to be used on the Bosperus. A successful Turkish entrepreneur has ordered the luxury bus - and so that his partners and friends are also safe from prying eyes, 'Privacy Glass' protects

Marchi Mobil Elemment Palazzo with sporting ambitions

The Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo has been part of the Austrians' program for some time. The model is twelve meters long, weighs 20 tons and is also powered by the well-known 500 hp engine. Thanks to the streamlined shape of the fiberglass-reinforced plastic cabin, it should consume 20 percent less fuel than a comparable truck. In order to make the sporting ambitions of the luxury vehicle visible, a carbon diffuser and an oversized twin-pipe sports exhaust system are installed at the rear.

Sun deck with underfloor heating

One highlight is the extendable oneRoof terrace. At the push of a button, it rises including the sun canopy, upholstered furniture and table and can be reached from the inside via a staircase. Optionally, underfloor heating, a bar with an ice machine and a smoke machine can be ordered for the princely roof seat.

The 20 square meter living room can be reached via an extendable staircase that is reminiscent of a jet gangway. In the living room there is a sofa landscape that can be adjusted in height, including the table, so that you can find either a living room or a bar, depending on the mood and occasion. Parts of the floor can also be raised to a platform at the push of a button; the headroom is not significantly restricted with an interior height of two and a half meters. A high-end multimedia system and a 40-inch screen provide adequate entertainment.

Bedroom, presentation room or office

Behind the living area is the generously sized bedroom - also equipped with a 40-inch screen - with an adjoining bathroom and wellness area. In the business version Elemment PR-Mobil, a presentation room with eight screens, without a partition, extends over the entire area, while in the Elemment Viva VIP Shuttle armchairs with massage function, the front area is lined and the separated area in the rear houses a lounge or an optional conference room .

Marchi Mobil Elemment Palazzo with luminous varnish

If the Elemment by Marchi Mobil puts everything in the shade when the sun is shining, it glows unmistakably at night. A special, phosphorescent lacquer cannot be seen in daylight - underlines the individual shapes on request. Another option is the one-piece rotating windshield wiper; As standard, three individual wipers keep the round windshield free.

No more than five of the Marchi Mobile Elemment are produced per year. The vehicle is completely manufactured in Germany. The Elemment Palazzo motorhome version starts at 2,170,000 euros, the Viva VIP Shuttle from 1,684,000 euros and the Elemment Visione showroom mobile from 1,290,600 euros (net prices).


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