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Manufacturer Insurance: What Do Car Manufacturers Offer?

Achim Hartmann
Manufacturer insurance
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E a car insurance from the car manufacturer. Is it worth it? In principle, the conditions do not differ from those of the independent providers, because usually it is not the manufacturer himself, but an insurance company behind the offers. The policies of the Renault Bank come from Direct-Line or Axa, at BMW from Ergo Insurance and at Ford from Garanta. A combination that brings both advantages: the insurance industry increases its market share, and the manufacturer receives special conditions that he can pass on to the customers.

Manufacturer insurance with advantages in the scope of services

How The price overview of the insurance companies shows that the policies of the manufacturers are not among the cheapest on the market, but are mostly in the middle of the field. But it's not first and foremost about competing with direct insurers for customers, but rather about binding motorists to their own brands. The advantages of the policies therefore lie primarily in the scope of services. In the case of BMW and Mini, the new price will still be reimbursed after 24 months in the event of a total loss or theft. Independent providers are still so generous up to a year after initial registration.

Manufacturers can score particularly well in terms of workshop loyalty: while independent insurers like to rely on independent workshops, manufacturers only work with their own businesses. For the benefit of the customer: Anyone who visits an authorized workshop for Mini, BMW and Renault in the event of damage reduces their excess by 50 percent. This puts into perspective that the Bavarians offer a deductible of € 500 in the fully comprehensive insurance and € 300 in the partial insurance as the lowest option. All other sample calculations were calculated with a deductible of 300 or 150 euros. What the bottom line is to keep the premiums lower.

The jungle of insurance rates remains confusing

Manufacturer insurances prove to be generous in the case of gross negligence, because in such cases they refrain from cutting benefits. However, this trend can also be observed more and more frequently among independent providers. The tariff jungle is just as confusing. While one insurer generally covers damage caused by animal bites, another restricts itself to gnawing martens.

Even in the case of consequential damage, not every provider is responsible for eliminating them. Likewise in accidents with animals partiallyonly replaces damage to feral game. On the other hand, if you bump into a cow or a sheep, you get nothing. It is therefore always better if the insurance cover extends to collisions with animals of all kinds. Then, for example, you can also pay after an accident with a stray dog.

If the basic protection is important, you can find cheaper offers on the market

The combination of manufacturer insurance with one harbors additional savings potential Financing. As a component of a flat rate, insurance cover is often available at a discount. Since these are flat rates, no-claims discount or regional class are not taken into account. Depending on your personal classification, such a package can then be significantly cheaper than a standard contract. In addition, many customers appreciate that the monthly load remains constant over the entire term. Incidentally, this also often applies in the event of a claim that would lead to a premium increase in a conventional insurance company. In the case of car manufacturers' policies, however, the damage report only comes into play again if you change provider. To get around this, many customers stay true to their brand.

Whether it is worth taking out insurance from an authorized dealer depends on a number of factors. If you value additional services and would like to go to an authorized workshop in the event of damage anyway, you should take a look at the policies. However, if you only need the cheapest possible basic protection, you will find cheaper offers on the market.

Favorable conditions bind the customer to the Brand

In their policies, the car manufacturers often grant a longer replacement value compensation than the independent insurance companies, which can last up to 48 months. That means: If you lose the car during this period due to a total loss or theft, you will be reimbursed the full purchase price. The replacement value is common. The only prerequisite: the customer decides again for a model from the company.

But that's not enough: In many manufacturers' contracts, the customer's contributions are not increased after a self-inflicted accident. In addition, many manufacturers reduce the excess in the comprehensive insurance if the car comes to the brand workshop for repairs in the event of damage.

Car manufacturers cooperate with insurance companies

There are often independent insurance companies behind the high-performance policies. For example, the alliance works with Opel, the Victoria with BMW, the HDI with Mercedes and the Garanta with Ford. They benefit from the cooperation with the manufacturers, as it primarily increases their market share. In return, the companies accept that the contracts are calculated razor-sharp. However, the offers are not bargains. They are priced inMidfield.

Sometimes the manufacturers lower the tariffs - especially in connection with loan offers. This can result in savings of up to ten percent. Sometimes there are even more, as Opel and Mini recently demonstrated. There was car insurance for around 20 or 30 euros a month. That means: The customers received a fully comprehensive insurance between 240 and 360 euros per month. Independent insurances can no longer be much cheaper.


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