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Mansory Mercedes S 63 AMG: Up to 1,000 PS in the S-Class

Mansory Mercedes S 63 AMG
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D he look of the Mercedes S-Class changes Mansory with one new bonnet, new aprons on the front and rear, new side skirts as well as a roof edge spoiler and a spoiler lip on the trunk lid. There is also a new cover for the exterior mirror housings. As usual with Mansory, all body parts are made of carbon fiber laminate. In addition, Mansory selects one-piece 22-inch wheels from its range of rims, which are fitted with 255/30 tires on the front axle and 295/25 on the rear axle.

Mansory S-Class with 1,400 Nm torque

The sound for the dark, sporty look is provided by a stainless steel rear silencer with square twin tailpipes. But the Mansory S-Class can not only sound, it also delivers hard performance facts. Four performance upgrades are available for the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8. Stage one ignites 720 hp and 1,100 Nm with a modified engine management system and modified charge air cooling. Stage two lures with 800 hp and delivers electronically limited 1,200 Nm torque. The S 63 AMG sprints from zero to 100 km /h in 3.6 seconds and can run at a maximum speed of 300 km /h.

The third performance kit really gets down to business. Connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, crankshafts, liners, turbochargers, intake and compressor systems and many other parts replace the series parts in this variant. Instead of 585 hp, the heavily modified S-Class now achieves 900 hp and a limited Nm of 1,300. Enough for a sprint time of 3.3 seconds and a regulated 300 km /h top speed. The last stage generates 1,000 hp, while the maximum torque increases to an electronically limited 1,400 Newton meters. The M1000 version breaks the 100 km /h mark after just 3.2 seconds. These versions are also electronically braked at 300 km /h. All performance versions are of course also available for the S-Class Coupé.

The Mansory driver can enjoy this dynamic from a refined cockpit. The interior package includes aluminum sports pedals and a sports steering wheel, floor mats trimmed with leather and illuminated door sills. In addition, Mansory furnishes the S-Class interior according to customer requirements with leather, carbon, wood and other precious materials.


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