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Mansory Mercedes GLS: AMG 63 with carbon makeover

Mansory Mercedes GLS
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W hen Tuner Mansory hits the sheet metal of a car, carbon fiber laminate is used Commitment. This is also the case with the Mercedes GLS. The new front apron for the large Mercedes SUV has larger air inlets in conjunction with integrated daytime running lights and a carbon fiber front lip that reduces lift. The bonnet is also formed entirely from carbon fiber laminate.

Of course, thick fender cheeks are also adapted to the GLS. At the front the carbon outgrowths grow by 25 mm, at the back by 40 mm in width. in between are new side skirts, modeled in such a way that they calm the airflow on the flanks and make the SUV coupé appear deeper and more elongated. To reduce the lift forces on the rear axle, Mansory mounts a spoiler on the original tailgate of the Mercedes and combines this with a diffuser rear apron for additional downforce.

Mansory provides 840 hp

Die 23-inch alloy wheels with 305/35 tires provide delicious filling for the wide wheel arches. A lowering module for the air suspension lowers the GLS by up to 30 mm. On the other hand, there is an upward trend in engine power. A sports air filter and a new engine management system elicit 840 hp and a maximum torque of 1,150 Nm from the 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine of the GLS 63 AMG. This should increase the top speed by 45 to 295 km /h.

As is usual with Mansory, the interior of the GLS uses a lot of quilted leather, a sports steering wheel and applications made of carbon.


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