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Mann + Hummel fine dust eater: filter successfully tested

Man + Bumblebee fine dust eater
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W Since high levels of fine dust pollution go hand in hand with health risks and, in the future, driving bans, the filtration specialist Mann + Hummel from Ludwigsburg is intensifying its research activities in this area the company has now built up the fine dust eater. The test vehicle is equipped with three filter applications that are intended to help reduce particulate matter pollution. A filter installed on the roof of the car separates fine dust from the ambient air. The filter element installed on the roof of the test vehicle should, thanks to its particularly low flow resistance, enable an optimal air throughput while at the same time providing an excellent separation effect. Computer simulations have shown that the overall fine dust balance of the vehicle can be significantly improved. By using the fine dust filter, the fine dust emissions of the vehicle are reduced by about the amount of fine dust emissions that occur during fuel combustion.

t at the source. This is particularly important as the braking process in city traffic produces many times more fine dust than exhaust gases. Over 90% of brake dust is also fine particles that have a negative impact on people's health. The new brake dust filter can be used with all types of drive, from electric vehicles to hybrid vehicles to classic petrol and diesel vehicles.

The city air is cleaned

The test drives of the fine dust eater found among other things with converted VW Passat Variant, held in Germany, India and China. The company claims to have found out that in city traffic with high levels of fine dust pollution, the filter collects more fine dust from the air than a car with a modern internal combustion engine emits.

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover and at the Automechanika trade fair Mann + Hummel shows the filter technology again. SAF-HOLLAND, a Luxembourg manufacturer of truck accessories and special vehicle parts, is testing the fine dust eater together with an electrified drive unit. Large trucks in particular offer enough space for the months of technology, for example on the driver's cab.



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