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Manhart BMW M3: 655 supercharged horsepower for the BMW M3

Manhart Racing
Manhart BMW M3
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The V8 of the BMW M3 puts Manhart under a lot of pressure using a compressor. In the smallest expansion stage, 0.35 bar boost pressure provides 515 hp. The 95 extra horsepower add up to 11,500 euros.

The Manhart BMW M3 runs over 350 km /h

In the second expansion stage, there is already 0.50 bar of boost pressure, which is suitable for the eighth end 585 hp helps. For this, the tuner based in Geilenkirchen demands 21,500 euros. The top version relies on a large ASA compressor, which brings it to 0.67 bar maximum boost pressure. At the same time, Manhart adjusts the pistons and compression of the four-liter V8 engine. This means that 655 hp are applied to the rear axle of the M3. Only 3.7 seconds should pass for the sprint to 100 km /h (series: 4.8 seconds). Manhart states that the top speed is over 350 km /h. A special exhaust system made of titanium with a pipe diameter of 70 millimeters and two racing catalytic converters should ensure a rich sound. The entire engine tuning costs an impressive 31,500 euros.

On request, Manhart can also install a Bilstein coilover kit into the M3 and look it up Bavarian appearance with BBS Challenge rims in 20-inch format. For the necessary delay, the tuner installs 365 millimeter discs with floating saddles from the current B MW M5. The serial 345 discs are used on the rear axle.


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