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Mallock U2 MK 6 restoration: Exotic monoposto with front engine

Mallock U2 MK 6 restoration
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' Really quick, this part ', thought Holger Bettenbühl, whom we only use by his first name in the course of this story because in the racing scene, you are the norm. Holger was drawn to the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring every year, and at a Formula Junior race he noticed a not exactly pretty monoposto that was doing extremely fast laps - a Mallock U2 Mk 6, as it later turned out.

Rarely offered racing car exotic

He was completely enthusiastic about the car, which looked like a Lotus Seven blend. So after the race he took the chance to take a closer look at the Mallock U2 Mk 6 in the pits. At the moment, next to the racer, the associated pilot was crouching on the ground, and when he straightened up, Holger was amazed. He looked into the face of someone at least 70 years old.

'If you can drive this car that fast at this age, it must be a great design,' he thought and decided at the same time: 'I have to have something like that.' But that was not that easy, because the Mallock U2 Mk 6 is a racing car built by Arthur Mallock in England that is relatively rarely offered. Holger's cousin was also enthusiastic and looked for advertisements on the Internet. The right opportunity only came after almost a year. Spontaneously the two made their way to the Netherlands, where the car was for sale.

There they bought a Mallock U2 Mk 6 with a wild history. A number of Mallocks had previously been supplied as a kit, but this was built by Mallock and used in the first Formula Ford race in 1967 at Brands Hatch. A Dutchman who emigrated to the USA in the 1990s left the car behind, which was then stolen from the hall and finally found again. After a long period of storage by the authorities, it was auctioned in 2005.

The previous owner thought the Mallock was a Lotus

The buyer had thought the Mallock U2 Mk 6 was a Lotus, but it was only after he had acquired a workshop manual for a Lotus Seven that he realized his mistake and parted with the Mallock.

Holger was overjoyed with his new acquisition, but he felt like a dwarf during the seat rehearsal. He was missing 30 centimeters from the pedals. The previous owner of the Mallock U2 Mk6 must have been over two meters tall. Because the front-engined monoposto supposedly ran a few years ago, with the help of his cousin he made it provisionally ready to go and optimistically registered for the airfield race in Hildesheim. Such vehicles can only be tested on racetracks.

Sure, Holger wanted to restore the Mallock U2 Mk 6, which was no longer completely fresh, the frame of which fortunately had never been bent in an accident, 'but I just wanted to know how the car drives before and after the restoration, 'he says. Later, in view of the attacked technology, he had to admit 'that this action was actually insane'. After all, the car lasted two laps in practice.

Lengthy research

But then the restoration started, but initially with the handbrake on. Because there is hardly any information about Mallock and hardly any comparison cars, Holger researched for a good three months until he had the necessary details about his Mallock U2 Mk 6 on the Internet and other owners of such cars based in New Zealand. The Mallock company still exists, where he could get some parts, such as the fiberglass nose, but little information is available there about the historical models.

But after a while Holger knew his Mallock U2 Mk 6 in and by heart. The basis of the racer is a tubular space frame, which he reinforced from a safety point of view so that the driver not only has a thin sheet of aluminum under his buttocks and that his thighs do not end up in the crumple zone in the event of a crash. Following the example of frames made from newer Mallocks, Holger welded stiffening crosses from lightweight Reynolds tubing. After sandblasting, he had the frame powder coated.

Driver on the right, engine and gearbox on the left

Unusual routes Mallock gone with the arrangement of the technical components. While the driver of the Mallock U2 Mk 6 sits offset to the right in the frame, the engine and gearbox sit a little further to the left.

This results in an off-center differential and a rear axle on the Mallock U2 Mk 6 - which, by the way comes from MG Midget - with drive shafts of different lengths. Mallock planned the MG thru axle for the right and the one from a Morris Minor Van on the left. Using these fixed dimensions, he then built the frame.

Mallock's wild mix of parts made up of components from Ford, Triumph, MG and Mini

At the front, Mallock used a rigid axle from the Ford for the U2 Mk 6 Anglia, sawed it in half and rotated the two halves at one point like the two blades of a pair of scissors.

The disc brake system of the Mallock U2 Mk 6 comes from the Triumph TR series, while a duplex Drum brake is mounted with wheel brake cylinders from the Mini. 'When you knowWhere the things come from, it's still easy today to get spare parts, 'says Holger happily. Only the origin of the rear drums is still unknown to him.

He was also pleased about the opportunity to visit the website from Spax under the button Classic to be able to individually create new internal shock absorbers and get them cheaply. At Revolution Wheels in England he ordered new matching magnesium rims for his Mallock U2 Mk 6, which are so light that he thought the boxes were empty when delivered.

Patina saved

First he overhauled the assembled Ford Kent engine using the old block, but an engine reconditioner removed too much material during planning, which is why massive heat damage occurred due to the high compression. Ultimately, he ordered a new unit for his Mallock U2 Mk 6 from Scholar Engines in England, which was built by the mechanic who had already done it in 1967 .

The aluminum sheets of the body, which had to be separated from the frame by drilling out countless pop rivets, Holger carefully reworked with Alu-Magic. He absolutely wanted to preserve the patina and battle marks from the old days of his Mallock U2 Mk 6.

After completing the Mallock U2 Mk 6, many races followed until the tuning work was finally completed. And when he's at the start with his exotic car today, many are enthusiastic about this fast Lotus - where it's a mallock.


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