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Maintenance costs: Avoid expensive bargains

Maintenance costs
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D the thick end often comes as a surprise, not infrequently in the case of a car in the form of a monthly one Maintenance costs. If, in addition to the new price, you also take into account vehicle tax, insurance, fuel, workshop costs and depreciation, supposed bargains can be expensive for the buyer.

The Dacia Logan is only a bargain when you buy it

Example Dacia Logan with a 1.4-liter petrol engine and a new price of 7,300 euros: One of the cheapest cars in Germany causes an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers Maintenance costs including depreciation of 384 euros per month and is therefore no longer a cheap home. For comparison: A Skoda Roomster 1.2 12V HTP is almost double with a starting price of 13,030 euros so expensive but only costs 353 euros. Above all, the worse insurance rating of the Dacia, together with higher consumption, drives costs up. The situation is different with the two-seater Smart <, which is just 2.70 meters short /a> Fortwo . For at least 9,990 euros, it is considered expensive to buy, but in terms of maintenance it mutates into the cheapest car on the German market at 287 euros a month.

The loss in value is variable

The loss of value remains a variable factor in the calculation, because it is ultimately based on forecasts. Deviations during the holding period are therefore possible. Insurance costs are also less constant. The type classes only provide limited information about the actual expenses. The classification allows a comparison, but says nothing about the specific invoice amount. The prices differ too much depending on the discount levels and tariff model of the insurance companies. The cost calculation includes fully comprehensive insurance in no-claims class nine; this corresponds to a discount of 50 percent. The multitude of aspects makes theChoosing a vehicle is a complicated undertaking. Many a rule of thumb fails in the face of complex reality.

When a diesel is cheaper than a gasoline engine can only be determined through a complex calculation. Higher purchase costs, vehicle tax and insurance have to be recouped through lower fuel costs and lower consumption with diesel. That can take a while and depends to a large extent on the differences in fuel consumption between diesel and gasoline engines. As a result, diesel pays for itself faster in an off-road vehicle than in a small car, for example, due to the large differences in fuel consumption.

The equipment has an influence on the maintenance costs

Since the calculation of the vehicle tax has been based on CO2 emissions, the equipment even has one - albeit a small - influence on the maintenance costs. If you order an automatic instead of a manual transmission or opt for all-wheel drive instead of a driven axle, this has a negative impact on fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions in many cases.

You can use the free one to find out how much additional costs your car devours per month Find out the operating cost calculator.


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