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Mahindra E2O electric car comes at a competitive price

Mahindra E2O electric car
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A ll world is talking about Tesla's electric car, but the Indian company is Mahindra delivers: The Mahindra E2O mixes up the electric car scene with competitive prices. The 3.3 meter short four-seater will be sold in Europe this year, initially in Great Britain. The Mahindra E2O will cost the equivalent of 16,500 euros on the island when it is delivered from May.

Mahindra E2O weighs only 830 kilos

The start of sales in the British is no coincidence, so may Mahindra initially spared an expensive redesign of the E2O, India is also a right-hand drive country. Despite the competitive price, the significantly higher tariff compared to the home market - the Mahindra E2O costs around 9,000 euros in India - is justified by the manufacturer with the improved technology and higher-quality safety equipment.

The Mahindra E2O is only 1.6 meters wide and weighs 830 kilos, which means that it needs a comparatively small drive package. In the European version, the Mahindra E2O is powered by a 31 kW electric motor, the lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 14 kWh. In India, the Mahindra E2O is delivered with a significantly weaker 19 kW drive.

Nine hours charging time

The battery charging time with an empty battery is given as nine hours, the more expensive top version (surcharge around 3,500 euros) also has a quick charge function. With a maximum range of 140 kilometers, the Mahindra E2O is primarily suitable for inner-city and suburban traffic. The driving performance also corresponds to this: The top speed is 100 km /h, the 'sprint' from standstill to 80 km /h takes 18 seconds.

The Mahindra E2O is no stranger to Germany either: 2009 had the Indian company Reva presented the NX at the IAA in Frankfurt. Reva has since been bought by Mahindra, the E2O is the technical advancement of the Reva NX with an identical body.


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