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Mack Anthem
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M with a truck you are King of the Road in the USA. With the new truck, named Anthem, truck builder Mack has created a very special hymn (English: Anthem) for the US highways.

The new Mack Anthem is said to be a whopping 3 percent less fuel than its predecessor consume just because the Mack technicians have made it significantly more aerodynamic. In order to glide through the wind with less resistance, the bonnet, the radiator grille, the roof, the side panels, the exterior mirrors and the front apron were redesigned. The brand-typical bulldog on the bonnet has been retained. The new add-on parts should not only help save fuel, they also make the Mack more service-friendly. All exterior lighting - including the main headlights - have been converted to LED technology.

Completely redesigned inside

The living and sleeping areas as well as the cockpit have been redesigned.

The interior has also been completely redesigned of the Mack Anthem. The driver's position has been optimized as well as the living and sleeping areas. The displays in the cockpit are now higher, the buttons for the automatic and the drive have been repositioned. The steering wheel has also been redesigned, which now provides a better view of the instruments. It is also equipped with control panels for the cruise control and the audio system. The central touchscreen for numerous on-board functions and navigation has been enlarged and now displays in color. All important vehicle data can be displayed here and all exterior lighting can be checked. The on-board system is also optionally available with an even larger on-board monitor and smartphone integration via Apple Carplay.

The living and sleeping areas in the large cabin have been 35% larger than thatthe predecessor and now has one or two full sleeping places. There are also new, enlarged storage compartments, USB and power sockets as well as an optional refrigerator, a 24-inch flat screen TV and a sound system. The cabin windows are photochromic and have fly screens.

The new Mack Anthem is offered with a normal driver's cabin as a day cab, a flat driver's cabin with a sleeping cabin as a flat top sleeper and as a stand-up sleeper with living room and sleeping area with standing height.

Two mighty six-cylinders on offer

On the drive side, the new Anthem drives either a 13-liter in-line six-cylinder turbo diesel with 505 hp and 2,521 Nm or an 11- Liter in-line six-cylinder turbo diesel with up to 425 hp and 2,115 Nm. Shifting is standard with a 12-speed automatic which is controlled by pressing a button. Automatic gearboxes with 13 and 14 gears are optionally available, which then offer additional, short-geared gears.

The assistance systems have also been upgraded. Based on radar and camera systems, the Anthem comes with adaptive cruise control, a lane departure warning system and an emergency braking assistant. The dispatchers can look forward to the extended scope of the Mack Connect telematics service, which allows the Anthem to be monitored remotely. An optional predictive cruise control also integrates navigation data to make the journey smoother and more economical.

The new Mack Anthem can be ordered immediately, but production of the new truck will not start until the first quarter of 2018.


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