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Lynk & amp; Co 04 (2019): All information, data, price, engines

Stefan Baldauf
Lynk & Co 04 (2019)
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Still heavily camouflaged during winter tests in the far north, the Lynk & Co 0 4 in the typical style of a four-door compact model with a steep tailgate.

Stefan Baldauf
The Lynk & Co 04 comes as a classic compact model with a steep tailgate.

Despite the camouflage, the brand's third model also bears the typical face with the high-positioned, narrow headlights that reach far into the bonnet. This is joined by a radiator grille and further down a front apron with an indicated spoiler. The lower window line is also quite high on the 04 model. A wide C-pillar is still hidden under the camouflage. Similar to the rear of the 03 series sedan, there are narrow rear lights. They reach far into the tailgate and protrude downwards at the outer end. There are two round tailpipes in the apron.

Lynk & Co 04 also as an electric car

The model we caught has a combustion engine. Since Lynk & Co. and Volvo share the compact CMA platform, the engines from Volvo are also used in the Chinese model. In addition to the well-known two-liter turbo four-cylinder, there is also the 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine, which is also installed in the Volvo XC40. This three-cylinder also plays an important role in the plug-in hybrid model of the Lynk & Co 04. Of course, the compact is also available in a purely electric version. The power is transmitted via an eight-speed automatic.

In 2019, the Lynk & Co should then start on the European market, but the brand wants to take off globally and in addition to China in the USACatching customers.

Flagship stores in Berlin and Amsterdam

Like its other brothers, the 04 has digital instruments, large touchscreens and a distinctive infotainment and communication system. Lynk & Co are also making marketing more modern. Lynk models are sold in classic car dealerships, but also online. In Europe, the first model Lynk & Co. 01 will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2019, with two flagship stores in Berlin and Amsterdam at the start. The cars for Europe are built in Europe as well as in China. The most likely location is the Volvo plant in Ghent, Belgium. Alternatively, a contract manufacturer would be conceivable. A decision is to be made in spring 2018, and production will start at the end of 2019. A year later, another plant in the USA is to start work to supply this market.

Currently the brand in China only offers the SUV Lynk & Co 01 an, the notchback sedan Lynk & Co 03 has already been announced. In addition to the 04, it should also be with the crossover SUV Lynk & Co 02 give a fourth model.


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