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Luis 4U green electric car: Electric SUV now available for 39,900 euros

Luis 4U green electric car
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D he Luis 4U green can be ordered through selected Luis dealers or directly can be ordered via the service center in Ammersbek. Six more Luis branches are to be built throughout Germany by 2013.

Luis 4U green should drive over 200 kilometers electrically

According to the manufacturer, the batteries of the Luis 4U green do not require cooling or cooling Luis excludes heating, also the so-called memory effect. A 27 kW electric motor provides propulsion, which is supposed to mobilize as much as 54 kW at its peak and provides 220 Newton meters. The maximum speed is between 90 and 120 km /h, depending on the battery.

According to the company, the lithium iron phosphate batteries can be completely recycled and are designed for up to 10,000 charging cycles. They are housed in the vehicle floor, which means that there is no need to compromise the trunk. The latter holds between 454 and 1,158 liters.

The batteries are full after 20 minutes

The standard version of the Luis 4U green, whose batteries have a capacity of 25 kWh, should be per Fast charging at a special charging station (400 volts, 64 amps) can be charged within 20 minutes. A charging process via the normal household socket should take one night.

The standard equipment of the Luis 4U green includes ABS, airbags, air conditioning, a CD radio and 15-inch all-season tires. Luis offers the 4U green in seven colors, the delivery time is 16 weeks.

Luis 4U green special model with sophisticated equipment

In addition to the Luis 4U green, the Ammersbek-based company also offers a special model of the electric SUV. It is equipped with a more powerful, maintenance-free battery with a capacity of 32 kWh.

As additional extras, the 3.97 meter short Luis 4U green special model has leather upholstery, a navigation system, a reversing camera and has a PC on board. ABS and ESP also ensure the necessary safety here. The Luis 4U rolls off the assembly line near Shanghai, where the Ammersbek near Hamburg-based manufacturer has the electric car produced by its cooperation partner Zotye International.


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