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N after some successes in karting, an Italian Formula 3 title in the year and an F3000 championship, Badoer landed at 1993 Ferrari offshoot Scuderia Italia in Formula 1. Despite the competitive engines, the Italians played no role in awarding the points. A seventh place in San Marino remained the best result of his career.

After Badoer was demoted to test driver again in 1994, he was given another chance at a cockpit the following season. The chassis was no longer built by Lola but by Minardi, but the result remained the same. The Forti Corse team did not go any better in 1996 either, when he was only able to qualify for six of the ten planned races.

Instead of chasing after hopelessly, Badoer decided in 1997 to hire Ferrari as a test driver. Despite a brief interlude with Minardi in 1999, he has remained true to this role to this day. With 48 pointless GP starts, Badoer is one of the most experienced test drivers in the field.

However, the Italian made one of his big appearances at the Olympic Games. At the 2006 opening ceremony in Turin, Badoer was allowed to drive a Ferrari car into the Olympic Stadium and spin a few donuts.

His great chance as a substitute for Felipe Massa after his accident at the 2009 Hungarian GP, did not use Badoer at all. The Italian followed mercilessly and made people laugh at himself. Neither in Valencia nor in Spa could he finish in the points. He was then exchanged for Giancarlo Fisichella.


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