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Lowering - sport springs and coilovers: suspension kits for new models

H&R, Vogtland, Eibach
Lowering - sport springs and coilovers
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Coordinated with the adaptive damping system of the new BMW 5er , H&R has shorter sport springs for Bayern in the program. This should make the 5 series even better and crouch 35 millimeters closer to the asphalt. In addition, the wheels can be fitted more tightly into the wheel arches, such as by using wheel spacers. An option that is available at H&R for almost all models.

The Citroen C3 , when equipped with the sport springs from H&R becomes. Owners of a VW Golf R can be obtained from H&R springs 20 millimeters shorter, which, together with sport stabilizers, should further improve the handling of the top Golf.

A new dimension on the European market represents the Infiniti G37 convertible, but Here, too, the vehicle specialist already has shorter springs available that lower the open Japanese by 30 millimeters. At 25 to 30 millimeters, H&R puts the lowering through shorter sport springs in the new Mercedes E-Class Cabrio.

The box-shaped compact car is also going downhill. article-text-link href='https://topgear-autoguide.com/marken-modelle/nissan/cube/'> Nissan Cube . Short sport springs lower the cult cube by around 35 millimeters on both axes. Owners of a Skoda Superb have two options Combi. Here at H&R, springs that are 40 millimeters shorter are competing with a coilover kit that allows the Czech to sink by up to 70 millimeters. Competitor Eibach has also put together a package for the large Skoda. Here shorter springs are paired with wheel spacers.

StillThe range from H&R for the new VW T5 from. Springs 40 millimeters shorter, newly tuned stabilizers or a coilover kit ensure more dynamic driving behavior.

But also for the Porsche 911 - series 964, 993 and 996 have new H&R Chassis kits developed. Shorter sport springs - between 25 and 30 millimeters depending on the model - are combined with fully adjustable Koni dampers. In addition, new stabilizers can be installed.

Retailers also offer lowering kits for long-legged off-roaders. Eibach lowers the BMW X1 with shorter springs and widen its track using track plates. Eibach also stands for the Skoda Yeti a corresponding package ready.

A nbieter Vogtland stops for the new Mercedes E-Class as sedan and coupé lowering springs ready, which lower the models by 35 millimeters.


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