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Lotus Super Elise: Jaguar designer builds dream cars

Julian Thomson
Lotus Super Elise
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S The designer Julian was responsible for the design of the original Elise for Lotus Thomson not entirely satisfied, but external constraints did not allow him to draw his dream car back then. Thomson is now in the service of Jaguar and, as Advanced Design Director, designs, for example, concept cars or film cars such as the C-X75 for the new Bond film.

Breitbau-Elise with Honda engine

The Elise has not let go of him even after more than 20 years and so Thomson sat down at the drawing board again and designed his very personal Super Elise, which he also want to build. The new Elise is flatter and significantly wider than the original model. The entire body is to be made of carbon fiber laminate, with LED main headlights providing a fresh face. LED lights are also used at the rear. A fat diffuser and fat tailpipes should make the Elise stockier.

Thomson wants to replace the narrow-chested 1.8-liter Rover naturally aspirated engine of the original model with a modern, powerful VTEC engine from Honda. The old manual 5-speed gearbox has to give way to a modern sequential gearbox. Thomson wants to build his super athlete in his spare time.


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