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Lotus shows 6 novelties at the Paris Motor Show 2010

Lotus at the Paris Motor Show 2010
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D he surprise was a success. Lotus is burning off a veritable firework of innovations at the Paris Motor Show that one had not expected from the British in this form. Not only that the lightweight construction specialists from Norfolk are presenting a completely redesigned Lotus Elise, which will bring a breath of fresh air to the sports car scene from 2015. In addition to the good old 'Elli', there are five other new products at the Lotus stand in Paris.

Lotus Esprit and Elan experience new edition

The biggest surprise: Lotus is planning one with the Eterne Opponents for Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide & Co. The Gran Turismo is due to hit the market in 2015 and is powered by a five-liter V8 with an incredible 620 hp. The highlight: The KERS hybrid system known from Formula 1 is used for the green conscience.

The latter will also be found in the new front-engined Lotus Elite, also in combination with the 620 hp V8. The Elite also has a foldable hard top.

In addition, the legendary Lotus Elan is being reissued, as is the no less well-known Lotus Esprite. Oh yes, and the British in Paris also have a small city runabout with them: the so-called City Car Concept.

Wider model portfolio

One thing is clear: Lotus is saying goodbye with the new models at least partly from radical lightweight construction. The Elise puts on pounds again and weighs over 1,000 kilograms for the first time, the luxury Gran Turismo Eterne even weighs 1.8 tons. A surprise for lightweight construction fanatics that they will have to digest first. But in order to secure the continued existence of the brand of the legendary company founder Colin Chapman, Lotus has to expand the model portfolio. And so some surprises are guaranteed for the future.


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