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Lotus Exige Sport 410: data, information, market launch, price

Lotus Exige Sport 410
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D he new Lotus Exige Sport 410 should be taken directly from the Exige Cup 430 derived and thus hardly less sporty, but still a bit more roadworthy. The Sport 410 configuration is available for the Coupé and the Cabrio (only with a black roof).

In the Lotus Exige Sport 410, the 3.5-liter supercharged V6 delivers 416 hp and a maximum Torque of 420 nm at the start. This drive power meets an empty weight (absolutely dry) of 1,054 kilograms. This should make the Sport 410 the lightest Exige V6 offshoot of all time. For the sprint from zero to 100 km /h, Lotus gives 3.4 seconds, the top speed is reached at 290 km /h - the convertible is limited to 233 km /h. Shifting is done manually through six gears.

The chassis comes from the Cup 430

With a completely re-tuned wing system made of carbon, which was partially adopted from the Cup 430, the Sport 410 should have a downforce of 150 Kilograms (60 kg front and 90 kg rear) can generate. The chassis with the multiple adjustable dampers is completely taken over by the Sport 410 from the Cup 430. The ultra-light forged wheels carry tires of size 215/45 ZR 17 at the front and 285/30 ZR 18 on the rear axle. The stoppers from the AP Racing shelf have been sharpened.

Optionally, the Sport 410 can be upgraded with a titanium exhaust, which saves a further 10 kilograms, an FIA roll cage, four-point seat belts and various cockpit accessories.

In Germany, the new Lotus Exige Sport 410 can now be ordered at prices starting at 111,800 euros.


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