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Lotus Exige Sport 350: Lighter and faster

Lotus Exige Sport 350
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L otus recalls his brand values ​​and turns the weight screw . In the course of the facelift, the Exige was completely analyzed and many points were improved and made easier. The tailgate with ventilation slots, a lighter battery, a lightweight engine mount, an open center console with a shift gate, lighter heating, ventilation and air conditioning components, and optimized noise insulation, make significant contributions to weight optimization. The British want to have saved a total of 51 kg and reduced the total weight to 1,125 kg.

The interior can optionally be tartan checks.

New Lotus Exige Sport 350 starts in February

The new interior packages include a traditional interior design with light sports seats and door panels in red or yellow tartan checks. The optional equipment features of the Exige Sport 350 include forged light alloy wheels (weight advantage: 5 kg), two-piece, perforated and internally ventilated brake discs (weight saving: 5 kg), black or yellow painted 4-piston brake calipers, air conditioning, on-board entertainment system, extensive carpeting and Noise insulation. With the lightweight construction options, the total weight of the Exige Sport 350 is reduced to 1,115 kg.

3.5-liter V6 remains unchanged

The 350 PS and 400 Nm remain unchanged in the course of the faceliftpowerful 3.5 liter V6 supercharged engine that accelerates the Exige Sport 350 as a manual switch to 100 km /h in 3.9 seconds and promises a top speed of 274 km /h. The automatic version sprints in 3.8 seconds, but only reaches a maximum of 261 km /h

In Europe, the Lotus Exige Sport 350 will be available from February 2016. In Germany, prices start at 74,000 euros. From March 2016, the British will also push the refreshed Roadster version.


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