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Lotus Exige S Type 72: homage to the ex-Formula 1 racer

Lotus Exige S Type 72
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W he ex-Formula 1 racer also kicks in Exige in the color scheme black and gold. The sports package also includes traction and launch control, a double oil cooler, adjustable stabilizers on the front axle and sports seats with a Type 72 logo.

The Type 72 competes with 240 hp

Black and gold painted alloy wheels, black brake calipers on the reinforced brake system, gold logos and a commemorative plaque with all 20 GP victories as well as a limited slip differential , air conditioning and a power update for the 1.8-liter four-cylinder compressor to 240 hp complete the special equipment.

The Lotus Exige S Type 72 should be boosted in 4.7 seconds from Sped zero to 100 km /h and reached a top speed of 233 km /h. The average consumption should be 8.5 liters (199 g /km CO2).

Based on the 20 GP victories of the Type 72, Lotus Manufacture 20 vehicles for the British market and 20 vehicles for the European mainland as well as other small series for other world markets. The price for the continental Europe model is 40,332 euros plus customary taxes.


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