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Lincoln MKZ at the L.A. Autoshow: Facelift for 2017 with 405-hp V6

Lincoln MKZ at the LA auto show
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Lincoln MKZ gets a new front in Jaguar style

T he Ford brand has given the model, which has been available since 2012, a decent look update. The radiator grille has been completely redesigned and is a bit reminiscent of the styling of a Jaguar. The headlights are now detached from a powerful grill in the front, the apron looks more aggressive, the grill more elegant and less attached. The bonnet has also been given more structure.

In the interior, the center console has been redesigned. Instead of the touch-sensitive, flush control panels, it now has three large control buttons and other raised switches.

V6 with 354 HP - more with all-wheel drive

Under the hood things really go off. The top model in the 2017 model has a V6 engine with a three-liter displacement, which generates 354 hp and a maximum torque of 541 Nm. With all-wheel drive the six-cylinder even has an output of 405 hp and 541 Nm.

Hybrid and four-cylinder also available for the Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln MKZ is equipped as the top model with 19 Inch large alloy wheels, black brake calipers and a specially chrome-plated grill. Furthermore, there is a dark ambience in the interior, including multi-contour seats, carbon trim and aluminum pedals. A new damper system and dynamic torque vectoring were installed for improved driving dynamics.

When the new Lincoln MKZ comes onto the market in the USA in summer 2016, it will not only be available with the powerful V6, but also one Hybrid version as well as a 2.0-liter four-cylinder version will be available.


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