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Lincoln Aviator (2019): pictures, data, market launch

Lincoln Aviator (2019)
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S studies actually look different - futuristic, sometimes playful, often a bit aloof. In contrast, the aviator that Lincoln is putting on the booth in New York. It could actually be in the dealer's showroom tomorrow. But the Nobel subsidiary of the Ford Group emphasizes: This Lincoln Aviator is a study, a preview of the upcoming series model that will arrive in 2019 at the earliest.

Lincoln Aviator as a study

The reason For this hide-and-seek game with a model that is obviously fully developed and ready for series production, you can read the announcement between the lines. Because there is talk of a new rear-wheel drive platform on which the Lincoln Aviator is built. The current Ford Explorer, on the other hand, uses the D4 front-wheel drive platform from Ford. And as with the previous Lincoln Aviator (2002 to 2005), the new model will again be based on the Ford Explorer. The obvious reverse conclusion: You don't want to steal the show from the sixth Explorer generation expected for 2019, because the Explorer is an extremely important vehicle for Ford in the USA.

Therefore, Lincoln currently does not provide any technical data about the Dimensions or for motorization. The only technical clue is the engine, a two-liter biturbo (already known from the Explorer), which is upgraded to a plug-in hybrid together with an electric motor and the corresponding charging technology.

Lincoln Aviator 2019 at the earliest

On the other hand, the Lincoln representatives were a little more talkative with regard to future comfort extras. The new Lincoln Aviator can also be unlocked and started with the mobile phone via app, the regular vehicle key can remain at home. Another highlight will be the 'anticipatory' chassis, which proactively adjusts itself to bumps and potholes by means of a camera view of the route. The third row of seats, an immensely important feature in this vehicle class in America, should also offer enough space for adults.

Lincoln does not want to give a definitive start date for the new Aviator either. The chic new luxury SUV is probably not expected before autumn 2019, then probably in the shadow of the new Ford Explorer.


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