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Lifting of the Vmax lock for BMW: get what's inside

Removal of the Vmax block for BMW
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M with an additional module from Race Tools, the 218 hp BMW 125i runs up to 255 km /h. The M135i with 320 PS even reaches 278 km /h, as an all-wheel drive it can reach 273 km /h. The 306 hp 335i can even go up to 282 km /h unchecked. If desired, the 258 hp 330d, which swings up to 268 km /h, is faster. In the 245 hp BMW 328i, speeds of up to 271 km /h can be achieved without a lock. In the still current M3, up to 300 km /h are on the speedometer without electronic shackles.

Up to 300 km /h are possible

The other series are also moving faster. After the intervention, the 530d spurts up to 262 km /h, the 530i up to 268 km /h, the 535d up to 269 km /h, the 535i up to 270 km /h and the 550i up to 282 km /h. In the M5, Race Tools can go 303 km /h. The 5 Series Touring and 5 Series GT models can also be unleashed in the same way.

The BMW 640d Gran Coupé can reach speeds of up to 271 km /h without a Vmax lock. The 640i reaches up to 273 km /h, the 650i reaches a maximum of 285 km /h. In the M6, as in the M5, it is a maximum of 303 km /h.

The BMW 7 Series can also gallop freely at Race Tools. The 730d swings up to 259 km /h, in the 740d up to 271 km /h can be achieved. The 740i is the free-running sevens up to 273 km /h. The 750d is even allowed to sweep over the track at 281 km /h and is thus close on the heels of the unleashed 750i with 285 km /h. Things could go a little faster in the 760i with up to 287 km /h.

Free travel for X models

But also the X models can let off steam freely at Race Tools. The X3 20d and the X3 20i reach up to 222 km /h, the X3 25d comes up to 246 km /h, the X3 35d even up to 262 km /h.

In the 381 PS strong X5 50d Race Tools raised the top speed to 272 km /h, in the X5 50i up to 275 km /h. The X5 M can reach speeds of up to 278 km /h. The same applies to the values ​​for the X6. The X6 35i is unleashed at Race Tools at 265 km /h.

The prices for the Vmax cancellation are between 799 and 1,799 euros.


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