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Lifestyle configurator from Mercedes: vehicle recommendation with profile

Lifestyle configurator from Mercedes
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D he brand with the star has a mission: right in In the sense of 'Best Customer Experience', the wishes and needs of women are to be brought more into focus. Mercedes wants to establish itself as the most attractive luxury manufacturer for women. This is to be realized in the future through special event, information and service offers. From sales and communication to after-sales, no female wishes should be left unfulfilled.

The starting shot will be given in mid-September with the 'She's Mercedes' website. A network is to be created there, in which successful women can exchange ideas and make contacts. Not only that - the platform is closely linked to the print magazine of the same name, which will appear on September 18. It should contain stories and portraits of strong representatives of the fair sex and additional content on the topics of business, lifestyle, design and fashion.

Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator

Parallel to the Publications under the title 'She's Mercedes', the lifestyle configurator will be implemented in the Mercedes online world in Germany at the end of the year. Its aim is to make it as easy as possible for customers to choose and equip their dream car. According to Mercedes, it would no longer be necessary to go through the numerous equipment features and technical details as in the conventional configurator in order to save time.

The new configurator should be based on personal preferences from the areas of architecture, music, literature, travel, sports , Living, eating and drinking are fed. He then recommends five fully equipped Mercedes models, which can still be adjusted in the regular configurator if necessary. Worldwide use of the new tool is planned for the beginning of 2016.


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