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Lifelong guarantee from Opel: Opel receives warning

Lifelong guarantee from Opel
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B is Friday (20.8.) Opel should submit a corresponding declaration of discontinuance , demands the club, which threatens a contractual penalty of 15,000 euros.

The point of criticism is the lying figure eight and the term 'lifelong'

The main point of criticism is the term 'lifelong guarantee', which is used in of the campaign will be linked to the mathematical symbol of a lying eight for 'infinite'. Numerous restrictions are only mentioned in an asterisk. The Opel guarantee ends at 160,000 kilometers, and material costs have to be borne by the car owner proportionately from 50,000 kilometers Opel is granted ', explained Reiner M√ľnker, executive committee member of the competition headquarters. An advertising statement should not contain any objective inaccuracy in the eye-catcher. This could not be clarified or qualified by an asterisk.

Opel only confirmed the receipt of the warning on Tuesday. They will be examined within the deadline set. If Opel does not make a statement, the competition center will file a lawsuit against Opel with the Darmstadt regional court. 'Opel's warranty offer has had an excellent response from our customers,' said Opel spokesman Christof Birringer.


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