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Carlo Abarth
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1 908 becomes he was born as Karl Abarth in Vienna, but becomes world-famous as Carlo. And so, in 1918, the legend of Abarth began in the competition: At the age of just ten, Carlo tightened leather straps around the wooden wheels of his soap box. And so depends on the neighbors in the race for the length of boxes. When a sick driver had to be replaced in 1928, Carlo immediately set the fastest time. Racing is the great passion of Carlo Abarth, who otherwise seems rather serious. Carlo Abarth's first own vehicle is a 204 A, with which he achieved numerous victories - for example in the 1,100 sports championship and also in Formula 2. It became a multiple record holder. He's only satisfied if he hits the target first.

said. Abarth is born under the sign of Scorpio.

Carlo Abarth remains loyal to Italy in many ways. He always exhibits new vehicles and components at the Turin Motor Show first. Hence the company logo. In 1980 Walter Röhrl won the world rally championship title on a 131 Abarth. The fame ensures worldwide distribution: in France, Great Britain and the USA. In 1971 Carlo Abarth decided to sell his company to Fiat. Abarth lost a total of 30 kilograms at the age of 57 on a strict apple, egg and ham diet in order to fit into the narrow cockpit of the Fiat Abarth 1000 Monoposto Record. He then breaks the acceleration record with the racing car.

Carlo Abarth dies in October 1979. A street in Merano is named after him.


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