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License training in the Audi R8: first the theory, then breaking out

License training in the Audi R8
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D he life can be hard: On 24 auto motor and sport Readers who are allowed to take part in the Audi R8 license course at the Lausitzring come to more than 2,000 other applicants who have received a rejection. But even the lucky winners have to learn theory first, because the national A license, which they can apply for from the German Motorsport Association after successful participation, is an entry ticket into the world of racing. 'We don't give away the license,' says Sepp Haider, rally professional and trainer at the Audi Driving Experience. 'But it doesn't mean a break in your career if you go home without her.'

An Audi R8 for two participants

After just under an hour, the wait is over: 'Several thousand horsepower are waiting you guys, 'grins Haider. Divided into three groups, 23 men and one woman are in the care of the trainers. And they are all racing professionals: In addition to Haider, the Le Mans winners Marco Werner and Marcel Fässler and Florian Gruber - lap record holder in a street-legal car on the Nordschleife - are there.

Two participants each board a 525 hp Audi R8 . But before the ideal line is explored, you have to practice: emergency braking with evasive action, changing lanes without delay, then understeering and oversteering cars must be brought under control. Easily put: the students often have problems making the mid-engine athlete break out. What sounds easy during the briefing turns into a real challenge. Especially since the trainers rate the exercises with school grades. Only those who can achieve an average of three or better at the end get the license.

Adrenaline during the start training

But even those who do not want to start professionally in motorsport will feel the adrenaline in the start training. A few more slow guided laps to get to know the Lausitzring, then the participants can finally accelerate. Like a string of pearls behind the coaches, they do their laps. Despite the not exactly slow pace, Haider and Marco Werner have their calm gone, correcting the line selection from the lead car during the tour by radio. Safety and self-confidence are slowly increasing.

If it weren't for two other Audi R8s on the road at the same time. In the GT, Mattias Ekström, in the LMS Marcel Fässler shows the participants in a demo lap what is really fast. Sixto D. Atrio climbs up, shaking his headfrom the GT: 'Ekström didn't drive where I suspected the ideal line would be.' It takes more than just a license to be a racing driver. After all: seven participants convinced their trainers in the end. In future they can start with an official blessing.


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