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License plates, fines & amp; Toll: That will change for drivers in 2015

License plates, fines & tolls
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License plate take:
Who from who 1 .1.2015 moves to a new registration district can continue to use their current registration number. Car owners can make use of this every time they change their place of residence within Germany. It is still possible to allocate a new number plate at the new place of residence. The change of residence must be communicated to the residents' registration office.

Vehicle deregistration, license plates and stickers with QR code:
Vehicle owners can in future deregister their car online in the Internet portal of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). This is a first step towards an internet-based approval procedure that the Federal Ministry of Transport is planning. From 1.1.2015 , the registration offices will only issue registration certificates and license plates with hidden QR codes. This code can be used to put the vehicle out of operation online. Online registration will not be possible until 2017.

Euro 6 emissions standard:
The Euro 6 emissions standard will apply from September 1, 2015 and is binding when the vehicle is first registered. The Euro 6 standard has been in effect for type testing since September 2014.

First aid kits:
From 1.1.2015 , only first aid kits with the DIN standard 13164 can be sold. Until the expiry date of the old first aid kits, they can still be used.

Europe-wide court rulings:
From 10. January 2015 decisions of national courts in all other EU member states will not only be recognized but also enforced. The same applies in principle to public documents and court settlements.

Temporary license plates:
The allocation of temporary license plates will be tightened on 1.4.2015 . Only clearly identified vehicles with a valid general inspection receive a short-term license plate for 5 days. The vehicle must be entered in the vehicle registration document. The only exception without a valid HU: trips to the nearest workshop or examination center or registration office within the registration area. If you do not have the registration certificate I with you when driving with a short-term license plate, you risk a warning fee of 20 euros. Short-term license plates can in future also be issued at the location of the vehicle.

Section Control:
From spring 2015 , the route will be on the B6 in Lower Saxony. Radar (Section Control) tested. OnThe license plate is recorded at the beginning and at the end of the 3-kilometer route and the average speed is determined. A test route is also to be introduced in Baden-Württemberg.

Truck toll:
From 1.6.2015 , 1,100 kilometers of four-lane federal roads will be subject to tolls.
From October 1, 2015 , the truck toll will be extended to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes or more.

Electric vehicles and car sharing:
From mid-2015 , electric vehicles and participants in car sharing projects will receive advantages in road traffic. Those who rely on electricity to get around should prefer to park and use designated bus lanes. Free special parking spaces are planned for car sharing projects.

Alternative dispute resolution:

No later than 9. July 2015 there should be out-of-court dispute settlement bodies in all EU member states. They are available for domestic and cross-border disputes between consumers and businesses - for example disputes arising from the purchase of goods or the use of services.

Ab October 1, 2015 all new vehicles must be equipped with the 'ECall' automatic emergency call system. The date has not yet been confirmed.

Tax exemption for electric cars:
Anyone who allows an electric car by 31.12.2015 receives a tax exemption for 10 Years. The deadline will be shortened to 5 years from 2016.

Changes abroad:

Great Britain: On March 2nd, 2015, very low limit values ​​for drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy will be introduced. A fine of up to £ 5,000 and /or a prison term of up to six months is available. In addition, the driver's license will be withdrawn for at least twelve months.

Italy: As of 1.1.2015, the fines will be adjusted to the current cost of living index - and thus one percent more expensive. In addition, the following new regulations will come into force in 2015 - probably in the middle of the year:

- Lifelong driving license revocation for very serious traffic violations such as Cause of a fatal accident under the influence of alcohol and drugs
-Introduction of 'pink parking zones' for pregnant women or women with small children
- Scooters and mopeds with a displacement of more than 120 cubic centimeters will in future also be allowed to drive on motorways
- Parking fines if the parking time is exceeded: In future, the amount of the fine should be based on the length of the parking time exceeded
- Bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles will in future also be allowed to use lanes reserved for buses
Switzerland: From 1.1.2015, the compulsory recourse of motor vehicles will be Liability insurance for damage caused in intoxicated,incapable of driving or caused by excessive speed. Recourse is made to the person who caused the accident. The scope depends on the fault and the financial ability of this person.

Austria: The prices for vignettes in Austria are adjusted to the consumer price index - and thus 2.1 percent more expensive . For 2015 this means: the annual car vignette costs 84.40 euros (previously 82.70), the two-month vignette costs 25.30 euros (previously 24.80), and the ten-day vignette 8.70 Euro (previously 8.50). The prices for the motorcycle vignettes will also be increased.


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