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Liability insurance: These models cost a lot of money

Rossen Gargolov
Liability insurance
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W if you want to put a car on the road in Germany, you have to have one Proof of liability insurance. It is up to you whether you want to supplement this with partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance, because only the former is compulsory insurance and therefore binding for every vehicle owner.

The most expensive cars run in type class 25

The amount of the insurance premium for motor vehicle liability insurance depends on a few other features such as regional class, age of the driver, annual mileage, and above all on the type class of the insured vehicle, which can be identified by its manufacturer's key number (HSN ) and type code number (TSN) can be determined. The spectrum here ranges from class ten to class 25 at the upper end of the scale. The insurance premium to be paid increases with the type class. How expensive the insurance for a car of a certain type class is, however, cannot generally be stated in euros.

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An example is a Range Rover Sport with a five-liter V8. Anyone who insures the 375 hp off-roader only for liability insurance pays an annual premium of between around 970 and 1,550 euros depending on the insurance (calculation basis: man, 35 years old, married, no children, private car use, 15,000 km annual mileage, Munich location , annual payment).

High frequency of claims means high type class

The classification into a certain type class is determined by the association of insurers on October 1st. The influencing factors here are the current damage development of the models. Models that were often involved in accidents and thus caused high costs are upgraded. Vehicles with fewer damage reports are downgraded and therefore cheaper. As a further cost driver, they are added to the regional classes. This reflects the frequency of claims in certain regions. The ratings range from class one to class twelve. The currently cheapest regions are currently mainly in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. They pay the highest regional surchargePolicyholders in many regions of Bavaria and in Berlin.

In the photo show, we have compiled a selection of the models that can be found in liability type classes 24 and 25.


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