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Lexani LM-EXTV off-road sprinter: Mercedes off-road box

Lexani Motorcars
Lexani LM-EXTV off-road sprinter
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Lexani Motors from California usually subscribes to another topic: The vehicle conversion company builds panel vans and full-size off-road vehicles (mainly Mercedes Sprinter and Cadillac Escalade) into luxury apartments on wheels. Gladly armored and kept very simple on the outside, solvent people can treat themselves to a retreat on wheels.

Lexani LM-EXTV with a new concept

The experiences with the Mercedes Sprinter and those worldwide Increasing demand for panel van campers has now led to a new project that is completely different from the previous model family.

The Lexani LM-EXTV based on the Mercedes Sprinter makes a martial appearance and sets off on an expedition vehicle. And in contrast to the usual splendor with lots of precious wood, leather and gold jewelry, the interior is designed soberly and soberly - admittedly without renouncing exquisite workmanship.

The Lexani LM-EXTV is based on the Mercedes Sprinter with all-wheel drive. 33-inch, coarse off-road tires on 20-inch alloy rims bring traction for off-road driving. There is also an extensive ironing system on all sides. A large ram protection on the front accommodates an LED light bar. On the side, massive side bars with integrated steps protect the expensive sheet metal from cold deformation in the terrain.

Ramming protection and roof garden

It continues with wickerwork on the roof. A basket support that extends over the entire surface creates accessible storage space and assembly points for up to ten LED light strips and spots - the designers of the Lexani LM-EXTV took the subject of 'light in the dark' very seriously. A sturdy ladder is mounted on the left rear door so that the roof garden can also be reached comfortably; no material was saved on it either.

On the other hand, the interior is very discreet and functional with four individual seats. In the passenger compartment behind the first row, lavishly upholstered armchairs in the format of a business class seat are mounted. You won't find extensive mobile home technology in the Lexani LM-EXTV, however, the interior looks more like an exclusive office vehicle. Two small overhead lockers hold a manageable amount of luggage and equipment, but the microwave, which is mandatory in the USA, is a must. Below this there is a compact kitchen module with worktop and refrigerator.

Little mobile home equipment

AlsThere are two longitudinally mounted folding benches in the rear to sleep, but this construction also allows a long through-loading, e.g. for transporting bicycles. A second bed surface can be created above the beds with attachable covers.

While no savings were made in terms of air conditioning (two large roof bars with vents ensure coolness), artificial light is used for the lighting. In keeping with the style of the house, large or even openable windows are not provided, the side glazed surfaces of the Sprinter are largely clad in the interior.

The manufacturer has not yet commented on the prices of the Lexani LM-EXTV. In view of the comparatively functional equipment, the starting price is likely to be below the 300,000 dollars with which one could finance entry into a Lexani Sprinter with 'basic equipment'.


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