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Letvision Letrons: The Transformers are alive

Letvision Letrons
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S You want to give your neighbor a real scare? Then put a Letron from the Turkish company Letvision based on a 3-series BMW in, or rather in front of the garage. A quick press on the remote control and the Bavarian transforms into a mighty Letron in the style of a transformer.

Four versions available

Don't think so, but it is. In contrast to the Transformers from the cinema, the Letrons can only sit up, turn their head, raise and lower their arms and play with their fingers. More mobility is not planned for the time being. Various lighting functions can also be controlled. A walking function could be added later. The functionality is made possible by various electric motors and hydraulic units.

The Letrons are currently only available on the basis of a BMW 3 Series. Other basic vehicles are generally possible. The Letrons are currently offered in the versions bizmu, argon, tungsten and tantalum. Prices were not mentioned. Letvision also reserves the right to only sell Letrons to customers who meet their own requirements. Maybe your neighbor was lucky again.

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