Lego VW Beetle: Classic as a block kit

Lego VW Beetle
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L ego stones are something for children, even for those who have grown up or for ages young at heart. The latest kit from the Creator Expert series is correspondingly sophisticated. A VW Beetle from the 60s in surfer style.

Lego boxer in the rear

If you put the 1,167 building blocks together correctly, you can get over a faithfully reproduced Beetle with hinged and removable doors Roof segment look forward. The interior is reproduced in a classic beige, the seat backs can be folded forward.

Of course, an air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine beats under the trunk lid. The spare wheel and fuel tank are located under the front hood. Those who complete everything correctly sit in front of a 29 cm long, 12 cm wide and 15 cm high Beetle model including a surfboard and cool box.

The Beetle kit is recommended for hobbyists aged 16 and over. But older Beetle lovers can also buy the kit, which costs around 90 euros. It will initially be available from August 1st in the Lego shop and the Lego stores in Germany and Austria.


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